CDC admits it never monitored VAERS for Covid vax safety signals

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News June 26, 2022

The CDC has confirmed that it has never monitored the vaccine adverse events reporting system VAERS for signals regarding the safety of the Covid shots.

The CDC’s admission came in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request submitted by Children’s Health Defense.

Meanwhile, VAERS data released on Friday show 1,307,928 reports of adverse events from all age groups following Covid vaccination, including 29,031 deaths and 240,022 serious injuries. The data covers the time period between Dec. 14, 2020, and June 17, 2022.

The data show an increased of 6,572 adverse events over the previous week, including 172 deaths and 1,610 serious injuries.

Of the 29,031 reported deaths, 18,814 cases are attributed to the Pfizer vaccine, 7,627 cases to Moderna, and 2,525 cases to Johnson & Johnson.

“The CDC is supposed to mine VAERS data for safety signals by calculating what are known as proportional reporting ratios (PRRs), Children’s Health Defense said. “This is a method of comparing the proportion of different types of adverse events reported for a new vaccine to the proportion of those events reported for an older, established vaccine.”

If the new vaccine shows a significantly higher reporting rate of a particular adverse event relative to the old one, it counts as a safety signal that should then trigger a more thorough investigation.

According to a briefing document obtained by Children’s Health Defense, the CDC “will perform PRR data mining on a weekly basis or as needed.”

In its response to the FOIA request, the CDC wrote that “no PRRs were conducted by CDC” and data mining is “outside of the agency’s purview.” The agency suggested Children’s Health Defense should contact the FDA, which was supposed to perform a different type of data mining, according to the briefing document.

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