‘Carbon passport’: Globalists at WEF seek to track movements, restrict travel of the proletariat

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, October 19, 2023

While the globalist elites who inhabit the World Economic Forum (WEF) are globetrotting in their private jets and cruising the world’s waterways on their massive yachts, the WEF seeks to tighten the screws on the proletariat.

The WEF is pushing digital “carbon passports” that would place travel restrictions on the public. The globalists say its all part of the fight against “climate change.” Those restrictions, of course, would not apply to the WEF, which considers itself above the public, critics say.

The idea for “digital passports” was revealed in a recently published report from Intrepid Travel and the WEF’s Future Laboratory.

The passports will be used to track individuals’ movements and the information would then be used to set limits on their travel.

The article dubs the restrictions “personal carbon allowances,” and claims the passports would serve as determinants compelling individuals to conform to the “global carbon budget.”

The report highlights the alleged repercussions of “climate change” on popular summer destinations like Greece and Spain’s Majorca which have, according to the report, been deemed too hot for humans due to “global boiling.”

“The introduction of carbon passports could raise serious privacy concerns about the level of surveillance exercised over individuals’ movements and behavior,” Frank Bergman wrote in an Oct. 17 analysis for Slay News.

The idea of digitally tracking individuals is not new.

The communist government in China has access to over a billion smartphones used by Chinese citizens. Along with millions of cameras situated throughout the nation, China can literally track the movements of all its citizens.

Meanwhile, the Austrian government will be mandating digital IDs for all citizens age 14 and over starting in December.

According to The Local, the Austrian government is forcing citizens to comply with ID Austria. Those who do not will be barred from a wide range of essential government services.

ID Austria will also be usable throughout the European Union (EU) soon.

“The ties to the EU suggest the far-reaching blueprint could be replicated elsewhere after a successful rollout in Austria,” Bergman wrote.

As Bergman previously noted, Klaus Schwab’s WEF frequently spouts off about the “benefits” of being able to control the public through mandatory digital IDs.

“These measures will undoubtedly act as precursors to overreaching surveillance and the tracking of individuals’ carbon footprints,” Bergman wrote on Oct. 17. “As governments and corporations scramble to tackle ‘climate’ issues, the thin line between necessary action and privacy invasion continues to blur dangerously.”

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