Buchanan demands action on Vatican crisis: ‘This is a homosexual scandal’

by WorldTribune Staff, September 4, 2018

“While none of us is without sin, sexually active and abusive clergy should be severed from the priesthood,” columnist Pat Buchanan wrote. “There needs to be a purge at the Vatican.”

Pope Francis addresses the crowd from the main balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. / AP

The global Catholic scandal reached critical mass this summer with a Pennsylvania grand jury report that some 300 priests had abused 1,000 children over the last 70 years, the revelation that Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s decades of preying on seminarians and altar boys had been covered up, and the stunning accusation that Pope Francis was told of McCarrick’s abuses and did nothing.

In his 11-page letter of accusations, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano further charged that there is a powerful “homosexual current” among the Vatican prelates closest to the pope.

Buchanan echoed Vigano, saying “it needs be stated clearly: This is a homosexual scandal. Almost all of the predators and criminals are male, as are most of the victims: the boys, the teenagers, the young seminarians.”

When first pressed about the morality of homosexuality, Pope Francis said “Who am I to judge?”

Undeniably, Buchanan wrote, “Francis, and the progressive bishops who urge a new tolerance, a new understanding, a new appreciation of the benign character of homosexuality, have won the plaudits of a secular press that loathed the Church of Pius XII.”

The Catholic Church should fully vet applicants to the seminary the way applicants to the National Security Council are vetted, Buchanan said. “Those homosexually inclined should be told the priesthood of the Church is not for them, as it is not for women.”

Secular society, Buchanan noted, “will call this invidious discrimination, but it is based on what Christ taught and how he established his Church.”

If the Catholic Church “is to remain true to herself, the clash with secular society, which now holds that homosexuality is natural and normal and entitled to respect, is going to widen and deepen,” Buchanan wrote.

“For in traditional Catholic teaching, homosexuality is a psychological and moral disorder, a proclivity toward acts that are intrinsically wrong, and everywhere and always sinful and depraved, and ruinous of character. The idea of homosexual marriages, recently discovered to be a constitutional right in the USA, remains an absurdity in Catholic doctrine.”

Buchanan noted: “This destructive scandal has been bleeding for decades. Too long. The Church is running out of time. It needs to act decisively now.”

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