British marksman takes out 3 ISIL jihadists through 10-inch wall from kilometer away

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Armed with the world’s most powerful rifle, a British sharpshooter killed three Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) terrorists through a 10-inch wall from a kilometer away, a report said.

The Special Air Service (SAS) staff-sergeant fired 30 armor-piercing rounds from his Barrett Light .50 caliber rifle into a two-story command post in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, according to the UK’s Daily Mail.

Barrett Light .50 caliber rifle
Barrett Light .50 caliber rifle

The marksman, part of an elite unit of advisers in Iraq, saved the lives of at least 20 people, military sources said.

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The ISIL terrorists were believed to have been preparing for suicide bombing missions in Ramadi. Military sources said a number of options to take out the terrorists were considered including an air strike and a rocket launch, but both were called off as ISIL jihadists were using local residents as human shields.

“The SAS always like to think out of the box,” a source said. “The command post was well fortified. They considered an air strike but that would cause too much collateral damage. They looked at a rocket attack but there was the possibility that the blast might cause the building to collapse and intelligence suggested there were civilians being held in the lower story and in buildings close by.

“A staff sergeant in charge of one of the SAS teams working with the Iraqis came up with the idea of shooting through the wall. It was a case of ‘there’s nothing to lose.’ “

The rounds fired by the sharpshooter completely destroyed one of the walls in the command post and “the armor-piercing rounds had a devastating effect. The bodies of the Islamic State fighters had been absolutely pulverized,” a military source said.

The Barrett Light .50 caliber rifle is fed by large magazines containing 10 rounds, has a range of up to 1,800 meters and can destroy vehicles, light armor, parked aircraft and fixed installations such as radar dishes. It can also be used to clear mines and other hidden explosives.

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