Border officials: 1,500 ‘gotaways’ every day under Team Biden’s policies

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, October 3, 2022

On an average day, at least 1,500 illegal immigrants are entering the United States and eluding border authorities.

Under Team Biden’s open border policies, nearly 600,000 of the so-called “gotaways” have crossed the southern border in Fiscal Year 2022, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

‘“I don’t think the federal government is helping anybody here.”

“These numbers represent those migrants have been observed on cameras or detected via sensors, footprints or other means, but were never apprehended because of a lack of manpower,” Fox News reported on Oct. 2.

The number of gotaways is up significantly from 2021. In April, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told the House Judiciary Committee that there were 389,155 gotaways who illegally entered the U.S. in Fiscal Year 2021.

Since the beginning of FY2021, nearly 1 million gotaways crossed the southern border.

According to former U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott, who served in office under President Donald Trump and during the Biden administration, Fiscal Year 2020 saw only 69,000 gotaways.

In total, there have been more than 2.1 million migrant encounters at the southern border this fiscal year, including more than 200,000 in August alone.

Maverick County, Texas Sheriff Tom Schmerber said in a Sept. 30 interview with Fox News that he has received “no help” from Team Biden and “I don’t think the federal government is helping anybody here.”

Schmerber also called for a “zero tolerance” policy where people who enter illegally are deported right away and people who want to apply for asylum can apply at embassies outside the U.S. and stated that “it’s like there’s no control. The borders are open.”

Schmerber said, “We’re out of control. Even though we have the National Guard, and I know the Border Patrol — I’m not blaming the Border Patrol. They’re working hard … they’re working very hard and they catch a group, they have to transport them and do all this processing. So, it’s like there’s no control. The borders are open.”

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