Big deal? Gates-Soros group acquires for-profit Covid testing firm

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, July 21, 2021

George Soros and Bill Gates have joined forces to buy out the UK-based Covid-19 testing firm Mologic.

In a July 19 statement, the Soros Economic Development Fund, an arm of Soros’s Open Society Foundations, confirmed that it has partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Soros–Gates collaboration is part of the Global Access Health initiative, which will invest “at least” $41.1 million in the project, according to the statement.

Bill Gates, left, and George Soros

Global Access Health. Sounds altruistic, but what is it?

Why would two huge foundations that have in the past year played a central role in controlling the daily behavior of most of the global population invest in a for-profit medical technology firm?

The statement explains:

“The transaction is important in that it transitions a world-class for-profit company into a social enterprise and allows it to entirely reinvest its profits in pursuing these goals. This transformation will give it the ability to address gaps in the provision of global diagnostics in low-income communities and regions that profit-focused business has failed to address.”

So everyone benefits, but who profits from this arrangement that appears to be part of the ongoing politicization of healthcare worldwide? And is it good or bad for everyone’s health?

Being aligned with these two billionaires is important for bottom lines, most major corporations and even conservative media organizations seem to believe. As for medical benefits being forced on the global population, we are invited to simply have faith in the statement by the Global Access Health:

“The group has financed the acquisition of Mologic Ltd, a world-leading innovator in the development of lateral flow and rapid diagnostic technologies including tests that can help combat tropical diseases such as dengue, bilharzia, and river blindness, as well as for COVID-19,” the statement says.

The Epoch Times noted in a July 20 report that Mologic was “founded about two decades ago by the father-and-son team of Mark and Paul Davis. They had previously worked with Gates’s foundation, establishing the Advanced Rapid Diagnostics in 2016. Paul Davis is also known for creating the Clearblue pregnancy test in 1988, which, according to the company, is the first application of lateral flow technology.”

The precise financial benefit to Mark Davis was not disclosed but he took this opportunity to condemn himself and other capitalists who still have time to repent and seek socialist salvation via Gates and Soros:

“Mologic’s transition into a social enterprise is a deliberate, logical and natural step for a company focused on delivering affordable diagnostics and biotechnology to places that have been left underserved by the relentless pursuit of profiteering. With the support of our shareholders, donors and partners we have come a long way; we believe we have the people and the skills required for the challenges and opportunities ahead. And we hope this unique transaction will be an example for others to follow.”

Soros’s previous Open Society funding efforts have been aimed at “building the capacity of community-based organizations to catalyze political engagement throughout the year and not solely around elections.” They feature coordination “with our anchor and core grantees, Democracy Alliance partners and other donors, and field leaders, such as Planned Parenthood, progressive labor, and other allies.”

Soros has been criticized in the United States for providing funding to leftist prosecutors and district attorneys, including controversial St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon. Soros donated more than $2 million to Gascon’s campaign.

Other left-wing prosecutors he’s provided funding to include Chicago District Attorney Kim Foxx, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, and Baltimore City state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby.

Gates earlier this month announced that his wife, Melinda, will resign from their foundation in two years if they can’t work together amid their divorce.

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