Belgians living in Morocco feel safer there than in Belgium

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Belgians who have relocated to Morocco say they feel safer than in Belgium where they lived in constant fear of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) terror cells.

Morocco “is a safe haven (for Belgians) amid a rough sea of turbulence, threats and insecurity, perhaps even safer than Europe these days,” according to a recent Belgian TV report.

Belgians now living in Morocco are interviewed by Belgian TV.
Belgians now living in Morocco are interviewed by Belgian TV.

Veronique, a Belgian now living in Casablanca, said “we have no problems whatsoever roaming in the streets of Casablanca or even in the Moroccan countryside.”

Another Belgian, Ophelie, said: “I have the feeling that I am safer and more secure here than in Belgium.”

“We felt we were immediately accepted, and I am very sure that it was easier for us to come and live here than it is for a Moroccan to go and live in Belgium,” a Belgian, named Marine, said in the Belgian TV report.

The report said there are some 4,000 Belgians living in Morocco who are officially registered at the Belgian consulate, but the actual number is much bigger than that, ranging between 20,000 and 40,000 Belgians.

The burgeoning Belgian community in Casablanca inspired Moroccan private investors to sponsor Belgian schools in the country.

Etienne Crousse, the director of a Belgian school in Casablanca, said the Moroccan authorities have done well to establish security for the Belgians.

“The school is protected from all corners by the gendarmes, and this reassures everyone. We have no fears of living here today.”

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