Beheading alert: Sunni tribesmen mount armed uprising against ISIL in Fallujah

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Fed up Sunni tribesmen have risen up to launch attacks on Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) jihadists in Fallujah, Iraq and the city’s mayor fears a “mass slaughter” will occur if the tribesmen do not receive outside help.

Iraqi military and local officials said on Feb. 19 that the tribesmen were overrunning and burning one of ISIL’s headquarters as frustration and anger against the terror organization grows.

iraq-map-fallujah-600x400“There is a volcano of resentment boiling inside Fallujah,” the Iraqi military said in a statement. Civilians are waiting for the security forces to enter to “carry out a revolution,” it said.

The tribesmen “attacked the hisbah headquarters, burned it, and they were able to kill those inside,” Fallujah Mayor Issa al-Issawi said. The mayor urged the Iraqi government to take swift action or the city could “fall very quickly.”

“If those groups inside aren’t supported, Daesh (ISIL) will have huge revenge,” Issawi said. “There will be the biggest bloodshed ever.”

The advance of Iraqi forces in Ramadi has left Fallujah isolated and surrounded, preventing food and medical supplies from entering. ISIL, meanwhile, has not allowed civilians to leave.

“The people are so frustrated because of the siege,” said Rageh Barakat, a member of Anbar provincial council’s security committee. “The situation is dire. There is no food, and they know (ISIL) is hoarding it. They’ve had enough.”

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