Barr, Durham targeting ‘decades of establishment consistency, patterns, lifestyles’

by WorldTribune Staff, December 17, 2019

What is really going on at the top levels of the U.S. Department of Justice?

Radio host Rush Limbaugh has a theory that is shared by Washington insiders who spoke to

U.S. Attorney John Durham, left, and Attorney General William Barr

Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham are now taking on the Deep State, and in so doing “are trying to dismantle a way of life for people,” Limbaugh said. “They are trying to dismantle decades of establishment consistency, patterns, lifestyles that are set in gold, futures that are guaranteed for themselves and their kids.”

Of Barr’s and Durham’s undertaking, Limbaugh said: “You can’t do this with PR. You can’t do it one indictment at a time. If you’re gonna do this like they’re doing it, when it’s time to present it, it better be absolutely indisputable. Because if there’s anything in it that’s not battened down, if there’s anything in it that isn’t true, these guys are dead.”

Taking on the Deep State is not just aimed at draining the swamp, it is saying that “we are going to take our country back,” Limbaugh said.

“The people who are the targets of this are not just the Comeys and the McCabes,” Limbaugh said. “Those people are the foot soldiers of the movement. They are not the brains. They are not the money. They are not the organizers. They’re not the power brokers. They are not the people that assign the jobs in the deep state. These are not the people that determine who gets membership in the deep state and who doesn’t.”

Limbaugh continued: “But if you go after those guys, you’re gonna find their bosses and you’re gonna have to take them out as well, and this is a deeply serious, big time undertaking that is unprecedented. For all this talk about Trump wanting to be a monarch and a king, this actually is the equivalent of taking down the invisible apparatus that actually has been running this country for take your pick of how many decades, but at least since post-World War II.”

The Deep State, Limbaugh added, “has people in it everywhere. It has people in all the major universities. It has people internationally entrenched, in the European Union, George Soros, all of these Western European diplomats and so forth, the State Department, they’re gonna be taking on a tremendous number of people here.”

Limbaugh continued: “It’s not just Schiff and Nadler and Pelosi trying to impeach Trump and get rid of him. It’s people whose names we don’t even know. It’s people who live in places we don’t know. And if you’re gonna take those people on, when it’s time to actually make your move, you better have everything you need because these people are gonna be launching back at you with efforts to destroy you and everything you’re trying to do to them. Because this is taking on, this is actually attacking and trying to bust up a way of life that has been entrenched.”

Angelo Codevilla, Limbaugh noted, “thinks they’ve already won, that we can never, ever go back to the founding principles of this country as a majority belief by the American people. He believes common citizenship is no longer possible. That’s how deeply they have infected the fabric of our culture. He believes that their objective is to eliminate us.”

Limbaugh continued: “What do you think this all is, overturning the results of an election? What is that, really? It’s negating and nullifying us. Yeah, we’re deplorables or whatever, but what we are is noncitizens, what we are is nonfactors to them. This effort to get rid of Donald Trump is an effort in truth to rid themselves of us as a competing political force.

“And we got two guys that have decided to take this on, Bill Barr — well, three — Trump, Bill Barr, and John Durham. And I don’t think they want to telegraph how far along they are to these people. I don’t think they want to give ’em any heads up at all, what they have found. And it could well be that at the end of all this we’re not gonna get anything. I don’t have any idea.”

Limbaugh added: “I don’t think that’s true based on Durham’s … reaction to the IG report. Durham wouldn’t have said what he said if they already didn’t have evidence and witnesses to contradict what Horowitz said.

“I think it is such a profoundly major thing that’s being attempted here. Look at it as trying to defeat the Soviet Union without firing a shot. It’s a much bigger undertaking than people think. It’s not just draining the swamp. It’s not just getting rid of the people you know and having the people you know in this thing be punished. That would be great.”

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