Bankrupt NYC Holiday Inn hits the taxpayer-funded migrant jackpot

by WorldTribune Staff, February 2, 2023

A Holiday Inn in New York City which filed for bankruptcy due to the Covid pandemic is now rolling in taxpayer cash after a court order allowed it to house illegal immigrants.

This bankrupt Holiday Inn is being paid nearly $3 million per month by New York City to house illegal immigrants. / Google

The Holiday Inn in Manhattan’s Financial District was granted the right in court to house the migrants, with taxpayers footing the $190 per night bill. The total cost to taxpayers is nearly $100,000 per day.

Earlier this month, the 50-story, 492-room Holiday Inn – which filed for bankruptcy in November after getting slammed by the pandemic — inked an agreement with New York City Health and Hospitals, the agency charged with housing the Big Apple’s ballooning migrant population, according to court documents.

The nightly room rate the city will pay — which, with the hotel at full capacity, amounts to a daily tab of $93,500 and a monthly tab of $2.8 million — is at the high end of a range between $115 and $190 the city has allotted for a migrant hotel housing program that now reportedly spans dozens of hotels citywide, the New York Post cited hotel consultant Geoffrey Mills as saying.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Philip Bentley approved the hotel’s application to sign a contract with the city to house the illegals, which could last until April 2024. The contract will bring around $10.5 million into the Holiday Inn’s coffers over the next 14 months, reports Bloomberg.

The deal will see the city provide 24-hour security to deal with unruly guests. In turn, the hotel will operate a housekeeping service three times a week.

According to the agreement, microwaves will be removed from the rooms, with a few moved to common areas to prevent safety hazards that have stemmed from migrants using hot plates in their rooms, an issue that arose at the Row NYC hotel in Times Square, as reported by The Post.

The city will also provide all food to the illegals and might use the hotel’s restaurants and employees to prepare meals, according to the court filing.

If migrants are still in the hotel after the contract expires, the city will be required to pay Holiday Inn a whopping $750 per night.

The Holiday Inn owes Buffalo-based Wilmington Trust and Triangle Capital Group $137 million. During Monday’s hearings, the bank’s lawyers argued that the presence of the migrants at the hotel may devalue the property as a whole.

More than 40,000 illegals have reportedly arrived in New York City since border states began send the migrants to so-called “sanctuary” states.

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