Attacks against Israel doubled in September

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JERUSALEM — Israel has reported a sharp increase in insurgency

Damage to a Beersheva kindergarten after a rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.

The Israel Security Agency said strikes from the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Egypt nearly doubled in September 2012. ISA reported 91 attacks in September compared to 51 during the previous month.

“The increase was most prominent in attacks originating in the Judea and Samaria area and in Jerusalem,” ISA said.

In a statement on Oct. 8, ISA reported a doubling of attacks in the West Bank — from 19 in August to 39 in September. Attacks in Jerusalem tripled — from nine in August to 28 last month. Virtually all of the attacks consisted of firebombs.

“Most attacks — 65 out of 67 — were in the form of firebomb throwing,” the agency said.

The September figures marked a reversal of a decline in insurgency
attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers in mid-2012. ISA did not cite
an explanation for the increase in Palestinian and Islamist insurgency

Attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip stayed at the same level in
September. On Sept. 21, an Israeli soldier was killed in an attack along the
Egyptian-Israeli border.