Antifa militant and convicted pedophile arrested for stabbing black Trump supporter

by WorldTribune Staff, July 26, 2020

Police in Portland on Saturday arrested Antifa thug and convicted pedophile Blake David Hampe for allegedly stabbing a black Trump supporter.

Blake David Hampe

Hampe has been charged with felony assault. His bail was set at $250,000.

The Post Millennial noted that “a further investigation into Hampe’s identity” reveals that in 2007 he was indicted in U.S. District Court in Maine on charges of knowingly possessing child pornography. In 2008, Hampe was sentenced to serve 41 months in prison and 10 years of supervised release.

The stabbing victim, a Trump supporter and conservative who goes by the name Black Rebel on social media, said that Antifa thugs had posted his location on social media and encouraged others to “watch out” for him.

“That knife was long enough. He stabbed me to kill me,” said Black Rebel, according to the Post Millennial. Black Rebel said he had spotted Hampe and other Antifa thugs following him and approached Hampe to ask why he was doing so.

“We were all out there, four friends, trying to keep each other safe in the best way possible. I figured I’d try to de-escalate and just have a conversation,” Black Rebel said. “I went over there, said ‘what’s up buddy?’ and that mother**ker went around and shanked me in the f**king kidney.”

“That’s what you get here in Portland,” Black Rebel added. “You can’t have free speech. You can’t be a conservative or have opposing views to Antifa or otherwise they’ll try to hunt you down, put a couple of bounties on your ass. And also too let’s not forget that Twitter allows this to happen. There are still posts up of Antifa — Rose City Antifa — these mother**kers actively putting my number, my address, information out about me and trying to tell them to hunt me down. Twitter openly allows this sh*t.”

The Blaze photojournalist Elijah Schaffer captured the scenes following Hampe’s arrest, noting that an Antifa militant verbally harassed several police officers responding at the scene and kicked their vehicles.

“The level of disrespect these rioters have for public servants [and] people in general is unmatched,” Schaffer said.

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