Analysis: First they’ll come for your guns, then they’ll come for your gold

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 8, 2022

The Covid pandemic gave power-hungry government tyrants the perfect opportunity to impose “we know what’s best for the peons, so shut up and obey” lockdown orders.

But what Americans are about to see from the government going forward “is going to make Covid look like a picnic,” an analysis noted.

First they will come for your guns. And then they will come for your gold.

“I’m talking about the inevitable direction the country is heading in right now: a direction where guns — and yes, gold — may be wrangled from citizens by our government under the guise of it being for our own well being,” said the June 6 Quoth the Raven’s Fringe Finance blog on

The overlords (Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, et al) naturally exempted themselves from their own Covid lockdown orders so, “of course, as government has a tendency to do, they will continue to enjoy the benefits of both guns and gold, in what could wind up being a display of hypocrisy that winds up altering the course of the nation as we know it,” the analysis said.

Amid recent mass shootings, twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made her stance well-known on Twitter when she tweeted: “No one actually needs an AR-15.”

“Honestly, I always find it humorous when political officials who are constantly protected by an armed security detail laboriously prattle on about why nobody needs guns,” the analysis said. “Of course, within four seconds, I was able to find a YouTube video of a 2011 CBS report about Hillary Clinton’s security detail while she was Secretary of State.”

The video said that when Clinton was traveling, her security was carefully coordinated with “dogs, machine guns, armored vehicles and 80 agents.”

“What Clinton actually meant is that none of the peons actually need an AR-15, those types of guns are reserved for protecting people in government, who make the rules and tell you what you can and cannot do. Those people need to be protected by machine guns,” the analysis said.

“Putting aside the obvious hypocrisy of politicians having armed security details, it’s also important to pay attention to the imbalance that will be created if the country passes a blanket gun ban. The government will have all of the weapons and the people will have none. … Once civil liberties are taken from us, they’re never given back.”

That’s where gold comes in.

Not unlike guns, “gold could very well be the next item the government tries to confiscate. … gold is sound money — which is why Central Banks hold it in reserve,” the analysis said.

The analysis continued: “The thought process goes like this: it’s starting to become widely accepted that at some point in the near future, we are going to have a monetary reset globally. The bifurcation of the global economy resulting from countries like China, Russia, and India all working together is going to mount a real challenge for Western economies, their currencies and their debt.

“At some point, many people (including myself) believe the entire global monetary system is going to have to be rejiggered to both (1) deal with the insane amounts of debt outstanding and (2) give Russia, China and the likes a bigger seat at the table. Whether Russia and China force our hand on this remains to be seen, but one thing seems certain: it’s going to happen and, when it does, we will likely be returning to some form of gold standard.”

Following a return to the gold standard, “gold and silver will once again become must-own commodities not only for the U.S., but for governments around the world like Canada, who currently has zero gold reserves,” the analysis said. “The importance on the precious metal from this scenario puts miners on an obvious fast track to being nationalized: they will be the new ‘Fed printers’ of the global sound money and, not unlike right now, the government is going to want to have a monopoly on how much we ‘print’ and when.”

It all comes down to control.

“In a system where currency is backed by gold and citizens have the individual right to own firearms, what do those two things give us, the peons? They give us power and control on a par with government — they level the playing field to some degree,” the analysis noted. “It’s for this reason that I believe the common sense line of thinking results in government trying to take both of these items from its citizens.”

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