Analysis: Democrats’ 2024 election strategy based on making 2020 template permanent

by WorldTribune Staff, July 25, 2023

In Covid, Democrats found the excuse they had long been looking for to transform the American election system.

Changes that were supposedly “temporary” in 2020 due to the pandemic, including earlier voting, mass mail-in voting, and no-excuse absentee voting, “have become codified everywhere Democrats rule unopposed,” Hayden Ludwig wrote for The American Conservative on Monday.

The new template worked spectacularly for Democrats in 2020. So why toss it when it could again be deployed in 2024?

Mass mail-in voting was a key for Democrats in 2020 and will be again in 2024.

“The Left wants all future elections to look just like they did in 2020, and we have the blueprints to prove it,” Ludwig wrote. “It was never about protecting Americans from the coronavirus; it was always about seizing power.”

Mail-in voting on a mass scale, aided by the U.S. Postal Service, was the main cog in the Democrats’ 2020 power play. Late fees for delayed bill payments impacted millions, but normal mail delivery was not the priority.

“Democrats changed our laws and procedures to encourage voting by mail simply to defeat Donald Trump,” Ludwig noted. “Credit the National Vote at Home Institute for that grift — whose ex-leader, Amber McReynolds, now leads the campaign to seize control of the U.S. Postal Service in order to continue the campaign for all-mail elections.”

The Left’s campaign to seize control of the Postal Service’s Board of Governors is already in full swing, backed by some 300 leftist groups who have signed on to the Save the Post Office Coalition, which considers “taking over USPS as a top priority, not a niche issue,” Ludwig noted.

The Left is fully on board with the objective and the NewDEAL Forum explains why in its “Democracy Playbook” for 2024, which The Washington Post endorsed in February. Naturally the Playbook endorses computerized voting machines.

“It is worth first noting the document’s authors: Michigan’s Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who wants Michigan to adopt all-mail elections after trying the scheme in 2020, and Arizona’s Democratic Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, who calls Republicans ‘fascists’ and ‘election deniers’; Sandra Jauregui, a Las Vegas assemblywoman who introduced legislation in March to curb right-wing ‘domestic terrorism’; and Ken Lawrence, election board chairman for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, which voted narrowly to certify the 2020 election results despite receiving numerous ballots after Election Day,” Ludwig noted.

NewDEAL, Ludwig continued, “wants every state to expand early voting and adopt no-excuse absentee voting — note that eleven of the fifteen states that require a reason to vote absentee are Republican-run — as well as automatically mail every voter a ballot without their solicitation. That is effectively adopting all-mail elections, something eight states currently do (only one of which, Utah, is Republican-run).”

What else does the leftist NewDEAL Forum want for 2024?

• Making private drop boxes, such as the ones bought and paid for by “Zuckerbucks” a permanent feature.

• Weaken signature-matching requirements on absentee ballots because they “discriminate against voters who already face other obstacles to voting.” Any errors, the group says, can then be corrected with liberal ballot-curing laws.

• Extend the deadline for postmarking absentee ballots to Election Day, guaranteeing that ballot-counting will drag on for days or weeks after the first Tuesday in November.

“Democrats have put all their resources into building a gigantic ballot-harvesting machine that can register and turn out tens of millions of voters each cycle,” Ludwig noted. “But this juggernaut relies on unreliable voters who fail to register or show up on Election Day. So operatives have staked everything on mail-in ballots, believing they can ensure those ballots are marked and counted, and each of these policies makes their job easier.”

The goal for Republicans, Ludwig added, “must be to block Democrats from expanding the all-mail election project in red and purple states while also teaching Republican voters to vote early and by mail.”

And then there is former President Donald Trump’s suggestion: Paper ballots and same-day voting.

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