Analysis: Behind Dem fury is fear of what’s coming

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, May 3, 2019

Democrats are in full meltdown mode because they know what’s on the horizon, and it’s not looking good, radio host Rush Limbaugh said on May 2.

“They are scared to death of the investigation of the investigation,” Limbaugh said. “I think when (Attorney General William) Barr said he thought they were spying on Trump, that they heard a death knell. They heard the funeral bells beginning to ring.”

With the fear of what is to come firmly implanted in their minds, what the Democrats have undertaken is “an ongoing effort to try to discredit William Barr from this day forward on anything he might find, anything he might say, anything that he might report,” Limbaugh said. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “confirmed it for me today when we heard that she had a private meeting with the Democrat caucus and she openly accused Barr of having lied to Congress and that that is a crime.”

And then, Limbaugh said, “it was further confirmed in my mind with a story at ‘Democrats Hope Attacks Will Sideline William Barr.’ Here we have a random act of journalism. I bet if these people could have this back, they would take it back. has admitted that the Democrats are stepping up their attacks on Barr in order to try to sideline him from making future decisions about investigating the investigation.”

Limbaugh continued: “I think every Democrat presidential candidate has now called on Barr to resign. But what they’re really concerned about is Barr’s integrity. Barr is Mr. Integrity, by the way, Barr is Mr. Honorable, and they are scared to death of it. They are scared to death about his investigations of the Obama administration meddling in the 2016 election.”

And so Democrats are “doing everything they can to discredit Barr,” Limbaugh said.

“But after that fiasco in the Senate yesterday, you would think, if you watch some of them yesterday, oh, they are so happy after Mazie Hirono. They were so happy after their hare-brained performances yesterday in the Senate. You might be excused for thinking that they had actually gotten their wish and removed Trump from office, they were so happy. But nothing could be further from the truth.”

Limbaugh continued: “But it’s gotta be miserable to wake up, all of these Democrats, has to be miserable to wake up every morning for three years still trying to find a way to win the 2016 election. We’re into the third year, and they’re still trying to find a way to win it. And what they’re really mad about, they’re really not mad at Barr. They are livid at Mueller!”

The Democrats “everything invested in Mr. Integrity, Mr. Honor, they knew he was gonna return the goods,” Limbaugh said. “You had Brennan out there claiming it was only a matter of time, announcing when the report was coming, that Trump was gonna be indicted, all of Trump’s people were gonna be indicted. If you read the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, they were just certain. And then Mueller presents a report finding no collusion and an inability to find any obstruction, and they had the reason for getting up every day for three years just snatched right out from under them.”

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump “is working on winning in 2020,” Limbaugh said. “The country is much better off than it was three years ago. It’s much better off than it was during the eight years of Obama. There are substantive reasons for these people losing their sanity. Then you look at their candidates. Joe Biden, the best candidate they’ve got, who’s about to be overtaken by his own scandal involving his family and the ChiComs in Ukraine.”

Barr on May 2 decided to skip the House Judiciary Committee, Limbaugh noted, “for a very substantive reason. … Barr knows what’s up. They’re trying to lay a perjury trap for him.”

The Democrats are “trying to get him to commit perjury,” Limbaugh said. “They’re trying to get him to lie in one of these hearings so that they can get rid of him. They are scared to death of what this man is gonna do. They are frightened to death of his integrity. They are frightened to death of the fact that Trump does not repulse him. They can’t believe that Robert Mueller allowed Barr to outsmart him and outflank him on Mueller’s own report.

“So Jerry Nadler, who is the hapless chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, announced that the staff was gonna be asking Barr’s questions — staff lawyers rather than members of Congress, rather than members of the committee. Now, you may not know this, but this is unprecedented. This has not happened in 230 years. What Nadler is admitting is that he doesn’t have the faith and confidence in his own members to actually compete with Barr. He doesn’t think there’s a single Democrat on his committee who can stay even with Barr on a Q&A.

“In other words, he knows he doesn’t have a Democrat on the committee who can run a perjury trap on William Barr. Barr is too smart for them. Barr is too immersed in the facts. Barr knows more than they do because they only know half the story, and the half the story they know is a lie. The only story they know is that Trump colluded with Russia. The only story they know is what was in the dossier. Everything they think they know is a lie, folks.”

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