‘American Gulag’ group honors Ashli Babbitt and veterans still in prison for Jan. 6, 2021 protest

by WorldTribune Staff, May 29, 2022

A group fighting for the rights of Jan. 6 detainees issued a Memorial Day weekend tribute honoring slain veteran Ashli Babbitt and the veterans still locked up in the “American Gulag” and elsewhere.

The group, @ThePrisonersRecord, posted the following on Telegram:

Ashli Babbitt, right. / Video Image

We first want to honor Ashli Babbitt ✈️ who was mercilessly murdered by Capitol Officer Lt. Michael Byrd, without warning*. Ashli was a security forces airman who achieved the rank of senior airman, or E-4, while on active duty. According to service records released by the Air Force Personnel Center, Babbitt served more than 12 years in different parts of the Air Force. She was on active duty from April 2004 to April 2008, and was a reservist from October 2008 to July 2010, AFPC said. The Air National Guard said she was a guardsman from July 2010 to July 2016.

* Byrd was not charged for this obvious murder as apparently he remains under the protection of this regime.

It has been now 15 months since January 6th and though we have not checked all J6ers who have been charged, we know about those who are in jail and have been there for months.

It seems there is a pattern – if you are a veteran 🪖, or even “worse”, a Christian Veteran, being in DC on January 6th will put you in the crosshair of the DOJ and its gestapo-like police arm 👎 the FBI.

Veterans, active duty, and reservists make up 7.74% of the adult U.S. population. 73 veterans were arrested in total. 16 veterans are incarcerated out of 71, a total of 22.54%, or more than 3 times those in the U.S. adult population’s average.

We have noticed that DC in particular houses a large number of Veteran’s but other jails tell the same story. Other veterans are out on home detention. Some have taken a plea deal, some have not. The pressure is on though as the general practice of the DOJ is to offer a plea deal after overcharging a defendant. Public defenders love it when a defendant takes a plea deal because it lightens their workload.

Our government used our people in the military and told them how great it was for them to serve their country while they themselves stayed in their cozy luxurious apartments in DC. While these politicians made a lot of 💰💰💰 due to insider trading, our patriots fought valiantly and are detained illegally for over a year being denied bail!

Is this the America 🇺🇸 these men and women fought for and served in several wars, some being wounded and still suffering from their wounds? NOT SO MUCH‼️

So let see who we have here:

1 – DC Gulag

🦭🎖 Daniel Cadwell [Marine]

🪖🎖⛑William Chrestman [Army]

🦭🎖 Kenneth Harrelson [Marine]

🪖🎖 Tim Hale [Army]

🦭🎖💜 James McGrew [Marine]

🪖🎖 Jeff McKellop [Army]

🦭🎖 Ryan Nichols [Marine]

Bart Shively

🪖🎖 Jessica Watkins [Army]

2- Northern Neck, VA

🪖 Matthew Greene [Army]

🪖 Nicholas Languerand [Army]

🪖🎖 Robert Morse , ranger [Army]

🪖🎖 Ronnie Presley [Army]

🪖🎖 Joseph Padilla [Army]

3- Alexandria Detention Center

🪖🎖 💜 Joe Biggs [Army]

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