All rumors aside, Hillary confesses: ‘I actually like men’

by WorldTribune Staff, December 5, 2019

Was it gutsy for Hillary Clinton to come out to Howard Stern — as a heterosexual?

Hillary Clinton told Howard Stern she is a staunch heterosexual. / YouTube

In an interview on the “Howard Stern Show” on Dec. 4 to promote her book, co-authored by daughter Chelsea Clinton, titled “The Book of Gutsy Women”, the former first lady said she has “never even been tempted” to engage in a lesbian affair.

“Well, contrary to what you might hear, I actually like men,” Clinton told Stern.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have been married since 1975, but there have been multiple rumors in the past that Hillary was a closet lesbian.

Sally Miller, former Miss Arkansas and alleged mistress to Bill Clinton, said in 2016 that the former first lady didn’t like to have sex with her husband. Miller also alleged that Hillary was a lesbian.

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone, in his 2015 book “The Clintons’ War on Women”, refers to Hillary as an “evil lesbian.”

Bryan Fischer, formerly of the American Family Association, claimed that Hillary would be the “first lesbian president” if elected to the White House.

In the radio interview with Stern, Hillary said her relationship with former President Bill Clinton began in college and that she had to break up with another man to begin dating Bill.

She described the former boyfriend as “a good guy” who “looked like a Greek god.” The former secretary of state added that she was always “pretty popular” and never struggled to get dates.

“I dated a lot of different people, and I liked a lot of them,” she said. “I was pretty popular. I was, OK, popular … boys were not my problem.”

Was she ever romantically interested in women? “Never, never, never!” Hillary told Stern, adding: “Never even been tempted, thank you very much.”

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