‘Abomination’: No ‘independent press’ and ‘no oversight’ of ongoing gene editing

by WorldTribune Staff, March 14, 2022

Science experiments are increasingly confirming that the mRNA Covid vaccines “have far-reaching and disturbing permanent genetic effects,” a columnist wrote.

The many Big Media fact-checkers who claim that mRNA injections cannot change human DNA “are wrong,” Igor Chudov wrote for The Covid World on March 13, adding that it is “no longer a conspiracy theory” that Moderna “was secretly working behind the scenes to modify human genes.”

Chudov previously reported that the mRNA Covid vaccines “unexpectedly reverse transcribing into human DNA and creating strange DNA genetic codes in human cells, including the code of a p130 tumor gene, as well as a permanent DNA code to produce spike protein.”

This counters the so-called fact-checkers who insist the “Covid vaccines make harmless spike protein that goes away in 2-3 days.”

“Since then, I came across new information about Moderna going full speed with commercializing mRNA technology that alters and purposely edits human DNA,” Chudov wrote.

According to a Nov. 2, 2021 report in Fierce Biotech: “We finally know who Moderna has been courting behind the scenes to make the big jump into gene editing. The famed biotech has signed a research partnership with CRISPR gene editing company Metagenomi.”

Chudov noted that the Fierce Biotech article “inadvertently confirmed” some of the allegations he had made in previous articles.


• Moderna has been working actively on modifying human DNA in the past — DNA modification was work in progress, not a “known impossibility.”
• Therefore Moderna knew that mRNA technology is capable of altering human DNA.
• Moderna knew full well that its mRNA nanoparticles target the human liver.

What is Moderna seeking in its deal with Metagenomi?

“It appears to be two things,” Chudov wrote:

• A “system that allows for precise integration of large DNA fragments into genomes”. As we know, Moderna’s mRNA Covid vax does create DNA segments, however they might not be properly integrated into our 23 chromosomes and thus could express themselves in an uncontrolled manner.

• Additionally, while Moderna excelled at creating nanoparticles that preferentially settle in liver, ovaries, testes, etc and create long living Spike-producing DNA, it does not have core competence in deciding what specific gene edits can be commercialized: “Metagenomi’s discovery platform finds DNA from natural samples that can be sequenced to create new tools for gene editing.”

So, what could go wrong?

“We have essentially no oversight of gene editing,” Chudov wrote. “Moderna is conducting potentially very dangerous ‘gene editing’ experiments in total secrecy. The fact of ‘total secrecy’ surrounding experimentation on most basic human code is by itself an abomination and likely unethical, if not outright criminal.”

Additionally, Chudov noted, “we have no independent press that reaches the general population that is capable of any kind of skepticism or questioning towards the ‘sacred cows of Covid,” that is, Pfizer and Moderna. These billion dollar corporations throw their ad purchases, lawyers, lobbyists etc and shamelessly hire regulators coming out of the revolving door or government.”

A number of these genetic changes “have far reaching and not at all obvious consequences,” Chudov wrote. “Genes do not operate like on/off switches. They epigenetically express themselves depending on conditions, just as computer code with IF or WHILE statements is also executed conditionally. Thus, changing one gene may have completely unintended consequences down the line, decades or generations later, same as with software codes.”

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