A U.S. president who placed his own interests above those of the nation he leads

Lev Navrozov

Before Hitler invaded Russia, a fair answer to the question “Who’s going to win World War II?” would be Hitler’s Germany. Its military science and technology were developed more than in any other country. But history ruled otherwise — Hitler was defeated.

Germany’s “military leader”, Adolf Hitler, considered himself to be the most intelligent human being in the history of mankind and, of course, the greatest military leader.

Germany was the country in which nuclear technology was born and a project to develop nuclear weapons was under way, a sufficient condition to carry out the dictator’s ambitions to conquer the world. Instead, Hitler invaded Russia in 1941, before the nuclear weapons project was realized. He lost the war and consequently committed suicide.

U.S. President Barack Obama, left, and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev speak during a bilateral meeting at the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea on March 26. /Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

Some territories inhabited today still include social structures that existed millennia ago. The word “slave” has become publicly unacceptable, yet even now slavery prospers in some countries under such names as “socialism” or “communism.”

The appearance of a new social structure such as freedom and the success of the free countries have been the result of unprecedented military development of sophisticated scientific discoveries. But the emergence of the USSR and later of the “People’s Republic of China” (PRC) demonstrates how slow, self-contradictory, and convoluted is the progress of freedom.

Despite the fact that the physicists in Germany were successfully developing the new, highly sophisticated weapons, Hitler did not seem to know or care about them. His ignorance and stupidity, however, turned out to be a blessing for the entire world by saving it from the ruthless and ignorant dictator. That purported “conqueror of the world” ended up killing himself.

Of course, the willingness and determination of a country to win a war are of great importance in its defense. However, military science and technology and military preparedness of a country are sometimes more important for winning a war than the sympathy or hostility of the majority of its population toward that war.

The above-mentioned factor kept going down in importance as the disparity between the armament of technically advanced and backward countries suggested that a country could easily perish unless its weapons were most advanced.

In today’s world, freedom and democracy closely coexist with the most vicious totalitarian regimes, and these two opposites are pitted against each other in an ongoing deadly battle.

Those who live in free, democratic countries take their liberties and their way of life for granted—they enjoy themselves, they are lax, oblivious to the fact that their very existence is envied and threatened by the owners of slave countries such as the “People’s Republic of China,” North Korea, or Iran.

Not so long ago, the gap between the level of development of military power in the most and least scientifically and technologically developed countries was far greater than it is now. Then it became easier and more affordable for a less developed country to acquire weapons and military know-how from highly developed countries rather than develop and produce them on their own.

It is fashionable these days to promote “friendship and cooperation” among all countries, irrespective of whether they are free democracies or pretending they are free or just outright dictatorships, by means of trade, tourism, scientific conferences, exchange of scientists, students, and all those who can benefit the dictators practically in one way or another by facilitating access to new science and technology.

And this is where the free countries lose: they are as gullible as they are open-minded. Chinese dictators will stop at nothing when it comes to enticing a unique scientist to come to work in China. They will give him or her whatever their hearts desire, from money to their own labs equipped with the latest technology.

It is quite acceptable to admit that Hitler was an illiterate, arrogant nonentity, an idiot. But what is President Obama, a basketball player turned “intellectual” because he went to an Ivy-League college and is a certified “law professor” and a “community organizer”?

As American president, he took an oath to protect the independence and freedom of this country. He was sworn to be loyal to this country, to take a bullet to save and defend the people of this country.

An American president representing his country abroad is expected to uphold the interests of his country rather than his own concerns about his re-election campaign. Instead, during his recent trip to South Korea, Obama confided his worries about his re-election campaign to Dimitry Medvedev before an open microphone, for the entire world to hear and laugh at.

Was Obama there representing the United States or his own interests? The scandalous event is being discussed in the Russian press. American president needs help to get re-elected, eh? “I will pass this on to Vladimir, [Putin]” said Dimitry. “After I am re-elected, I will have the power to help you with your needs. [American latest technology?]” Not a bad catch for clever Dimitry!

Things such as this are not out of character with Mr. Obama. Remember his opening of American secret military bases to Chinese generals, bases that previously were out of reach to an outsider? A sign of goodwill and friendship? A sign of idiocy? Or outright high treason?

To all those Americans who intend to vote for Obama: Why stay in this country and bother with elections? Why not move to China? There you will have no worries about the burden of choosing a president — The PRC will take care of that.

Lev Navrozov can be reached at levnavrozov@gmail.com

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