A thing called freedom: Does Barack Obama control the United States?

Lev Navrozov

Some centuries ago, there originated a thing called freedom in some countries of Western Europe — and in particular in Great Britain and later in the United States.

The founders of the United States created a unique society allowing a maximum amount of liberty for the individual and restricting government involvement into the life of an individual to the most infinitesimal minimum ever seen in the history of the civilized world.

The founders of the United States put the individual at the top of society — not a monarch, or dictator, or president, or legislative body.

The American Constitution proclaims the rights of the individual because the individual is the only entity that has inalienable rights.

The president of the United States and members of government are sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and to protect the inalienable rights of individuals. And this is the basic principle on which this country has been built.

In a free society the individual can make whatever decisions about his life as he chooses as long as he does not damage another by some means — such as murder, assault, fraud, theft, coercion, etc.

But in a government-controlled society it is government officials who decide what the individual reads, hears, or purchases.

In a free society individuals decide who they want to favor or not to favor by either purchasing or not purchasing a certain commodity or idea.

And this is where the American President Barack Obama comes in. Obama thinks otherwise. He believes he is above the law and has the right not to abide by the Constitution of these United States.

I am talking about Obamacare. Does the U.S. president have the constitutional right to make anyone buy life insurance, or any other kind of insurance, or medical insurance in this particular case?

Is there anything else President Obama would like Americans to buy? Maybe he would like everyone to buy and read the complete works of Karl Marx? Or maybe he would like American families to spend their dollars vacationing in the “People’s Republic of China” to contribute to the military strength of Obama’s good friends?

I wonder just how far President Obama’s ambitions will go if he is elected for another four years?

At present, the potential military advantage of the free countries over the slave countries such as the “People’s Republic of China” is enormous. Scientists of genius working in the military fields in free countries do their utmost to ensure the military victory over the slave governments threatening the existence of the free world. Their unique inventions should be cherished and not be shared with dictatorial regimes posing as our “friends.”

Only in freedom, where a person is not a slave obeying the omnipotent ruler’s orders but is free to pursue his or her own field of endeavor, can make a valuable contribution to the development and defense of this unique phenomenon, freedom, in the history of free countries.

Lev Navrozov can be reached at levnavrozov@gmail.com