2024 election security update: Oopsie in Nevada

by WorldTribune Staff, February 20, 2024

Numerous Nevada voters looked up their voter history only to find that their mail ballots were counted in the Feb. 6 primary, even though they didn’t mail them in.

Las Vegas resident Daphne Lee told the Las Vegas Review Journal that her family checked the secretary of state’s website on Sunday to see their voter history after she heard from others that their voting history was incorrect. The site showed that Lee, a registered Republican, and her family’s mail-in ballots were counted for the primary, even though none had sent them in.

Lee said she tried to opt out of future mail-in ballots and was met with a message saying she was not currently registered to vote, and her voting history no longer existed.

“It’s just so frustrating,” Lee said. “This makes everyone uncomfortable.”

In a Monday statement, the Nevada Republican Party said it received reports from numerous registered Republican voters who did not participate in the presidential primary that their mail ballot was received and counted by the state.

“We take these reports very seriously,” said GOP state Chairman Michael McDonald, who has long cast doubts on Nevada’s election processes and believes the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump. “The cornerstone of our Republic is the trust and confidence of the American people in the electoral process. Any indication of irregularities must be thoroughly investigated to ensure the integrity of our elections.”

The office of Democrat Secretary of State Francisco Aguilar said it has identified the issues and is fixing them, according to a statement issued on Monday.

The problem resulted in some counties not taking the proper steps to upload their voter registration. Every night each county uploads their voter registration to the secretary of state’s database, which executes code to create the statewide voter registration file that Nevadans see when they log into vote.nv.gov, according to the secretary of state’s office.

“This is an error that relates to the code used for when a voter is sent a mail ballot and does not return it; it has no connection in any way to vote tabulation,” Aguilar’s office said in the statement. “The top-down Voter Registration and Election Management System (VREMS) project at the Secretary of State’s office will go live prior to the June 2024 election, and remove the need for these outdated processes.”

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