‘Ye shall be as gods’: In credentialed society, Lara Logan is out and Satan is in

Special to WorldTribune.com, November 7, 2022

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

The monolithic demonization of Lara Logan for daring to say that demons walk among us in the new world order of today comes as fascination with occult forces and other manifestations of dark spirituality are disturbingly on the rise and gaining approval in mainstream circles today.

Logan, a former CBS Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, was pilloried for declaring in an Oct. 19 interview with Newsmax that the modern neoliberal globalist agenda is literally diabolical.

“I am a firm and solid and immovable believer in God,” Logan said. “And I believe that God wins. I believe that good is greater than evil. And I believe that the fallen angel – otherwise known as Satan – doesn’t get to prevail in this world.”

“God believes in sovereignty, and national identity, and the sanctity of family, and all the things that we’ve lived with from the beginning of time,” she continued. “And he knows that the open border is Satan’s way of taking control of the world through all of these people who are his stooges and his and his servants.”

Mainstream newspapers are attempting to normalize dark spiritualism.

Since Logan is being cast out of the would-be earthly paradise of credentialed society for these remarks, we think it only appropriate to point out what is being embraced by this zeitgeist. It is not normal, and it should not be seen as normal. We’re not as interested in the fringe characters involved here as the supposedly “respectable” organizations backing and amplifying them.

“No, they do not worship the devil, and other myths dispelled in new book on satanism,” reads the headline on a Oct. 21 article at Religion News Service, a popular progressive website.

RNN was featuring an interview with an “alternative journalist” named La Carmina on her new work, “The Little Book of Satanism.”

The author asserts that today’s Satanists are misunderstood rebels:

“Time and time again, it is society’s outcasts,” she said, “that are labeled as Satan’s bedfellows and suffer consequences from ostracism to jail and executions.”

The biggest misconception today, she said, is that modern satanism has no values. “This leads to a number of consequences, from satanists being deemed evil and shunned, to being denied fair and equal access to public forums.”

The expulsion of the angel who rebelled against the Throne of God is cast as a liberation tale for loners at a time when globalism has utterly destroyed all sense of community in The West:

Satanism appeals to people who feel marginalized in some way, La Carmina said. She includes herself in that group.

Canadian author Kate Freuler embraced satanism for the same reason.

“I really identified with celebrating one’s outsider status,” she said.

Freuler believes that La Carmina’s book will help curb some of the misinformation about satanists and their practices. She is particularly glad to see “satanism becoming a known recognized force against oppressive systems.

“I’m happy to be alive at a time where I’m seeing this happen,” she said.

Lest you feel RNN is too small an entity to merit concern, consider that Ivy League Columbia University also interviewed the author for a feature article in Columbia Magazine, its alumni publication.

From the Oct. 18 piece, which was titled “The Pacifist’s Guide to Satanism”:

Q: Your book debunks a lot of common myths about Satanism. But perhaps the most important one to understand is that modern Satanists don’t actually worship the devil. If that’s so, what do Satanists believe?

A: Exactly right. There are many different kinds of Satanists, but most don’t actually believe in Satan and don’t worship him as either a god or as a force of evil. For the most part, Satanists are non-theists and view Satanism as a personal liberation from traditional theistic beliefs. We value nonconformity and revolt against the ideas of superstition and arbitrary authority. Modern Satanists are nonviolent and interested in the pursuit of reason, justice, and truth.

Isn’t this rather strange material for an Ivy League alumni mag?

The answer should be yes, but then again, as the introduction notes, “La Carmina [is] a graduate of Columbia College and Yale Law School.”

So to recap: At the very same time that media and political elites were heaping scorn upon Lara Logan for her “unhinged rant” (direct quote from Mediaite) against the demonic, an elite university was conducting an overtly friendly interview with a Satanist who bears two degrees from Ivy League institutions.

Mainstream newspapers are also attempting to normalize dark spiritualism. The Minneapolis Star Tribune on Oct. 24 ran an article with the following headline:

“Interest in witchcraft is growing across the country, with Minnesota ahead of the spellbinding curve.”

Is this really a fun pre-Halloween story or more dabbling in the forces of the occult? From the article:

In April, Jacobson opened Midwest Witchery & Healing in Stillwater, which sells witchcraft tools such as oils, crystals and candles, and offers classes in herbal magic, tarot card fundamentals and mediumship.

According to Jacobson, witchcraft is experiencing a resurgence.

“Over the past couple of years, the metaphysical is becoming more accepted,” she said. “Energy work is becoming more accepted.”

On social media platforms like TikTok, videos about crystals, tarot cards, spells and the like — a genre of content users cleverly call “WitchTok” — frequently get more than a million views.

And then there is actual abhorrent behavior that would be appear to be the product of demonic possession being hailed by “progressive” activists and brushed aside by elitist authorities.

Fox News reported Oct. 25:

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) recently overturned the ruling of a French court that had fined and issued a jail sentence to a feminist who interrupted a Roman Catholic church service and “aborted” Jesus on the altar while topless.

Eloïse Bouton was bare-breasted and painted in pro-choice slogans all over her body when, in December 2013, she interrupted Christmas carols at Paris’ famous Madeleine church and protested the Catholic Church’s teachings against abortion by simulating an abortion of Jesus.

Bouton’s acts can only be described as fiendish on a level that goes beyond the merely human:

Wearing a crown of thorns to mock Jesus Christ and a blue veil to deride the Virgin Mary, Bouton carried pieces of ox livers to symbolize an aborted baby as she stood in front of the church altar and pretended to perform an “abortion” before urinating on the ground in front of the congregants.

Written on Bouton’s body at the time was the French phrase “344 salope,” which translates to “344th slut,” in reference to an open letter of 343 French women who admitted to having an abortion in 1971.

Nevertheless, in an action that defies credulity, the internationalist European Court defended this gross public outrage:

In an opinion rendered Oct. 13, the Strasbourg-based ECHR ruled that by punishing Bouton for her display, France violated the article of the European Convention on Human Rights that protects freedom of expression.

“The Court notes that the applicant’s conviction was based on the characterization of the offense of sexual exhibition,” the opinion said in part. “According to the Government, it was not intended to sanction [her] critical ideas and opinions on the doctrine of the Catholic Church.”

“Nevertheless, the Court considers, as it has mentioned above… that in view of its militant nature, the action of the applicant, who sought to express her political convictions, in line with the positions defended by the Femen movement on whose behalf she was acting, must be regarded as constituting a ‘performance’ falling within the scope of the article,” the opinion added.

ECHR ordered France to pay Bouton €9,800 for moral damages, legal costs and expenses.

The word “Satan” means “adversary” in Hebrew. As Western society continues to break down under the unceasing barrage of The Great Reset and other globalist entities, the terrain becomes all the more amenable for this arch-enemy of God’s natural order, who comes with a deceiving promise that can prove irresistible to worldly and materialistic souls: Ye shall be as gods.

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