Would this DOJ really charge Hunter Biden? Whistleblower meets congressional investigators

by WorldTribune Staff, May 8, 2023

After being stalled for months in the Biden Department of Justice, the criminal case against Hunter Biden picked up steam in recent days as lawyers for an IRS whistleblower met with congressional investigators.

Hunter Biden is under investigation by the DOJ for tax fraud, money laundering, and violation of lobbying laws.

The meeting was held on Friday to preview information the whistleblower will share with Congress, reports say.

Last month, the IRS whistleblower alleged political interference at the DOJ in its investigation of Joe Biden’s son.

Prosecutor David Weiss is reportedly weighing if there is sufficient evidence for the grand jury to indict Hunter Biden on four reported charges.

“There’s enough to indict Hunter Biden now, there was enough to indict Hunter Biden three or four years ago with what’s on the laptop,” House Oversight Committee chair James Comer said on Lou Dobbs’s podcast. “So for whatever reason, this U.S. attorney hasn’t produced very many results.”

Any charges against Hunter Biden would reportedly have to be approved by the Joe Biden-appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Garland insists he has given Weiss autonomy to recommend charges.

The IRS whistleblower came forward last month to claim that Garland misled Congress about the investigation’s autonomy.

Shortly after the IRS whistleblower came forward, the Ways and Means Committee authorized two lawyers for the IRS whistleblower to collect information about what their client witnessed at the IRS regarding the Hunter Biden tax probe.

The probe into Hunter Biden could also implicate Joe Biden. A witness who testified before the grand jury was reportedly asked to identify the “big guy.”

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson told Breitbart News he believes Garland and Biden are culpable for the alleged DOJ abuses in the Hunter Biden case.

Under Biden and Garland, “America is not equally applying justice and the rule of law. They are both equally culpable and responsible for abuse alleged by the IRS whistleblower,” Comer said.

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