Why the Left is terrified of Breitbart’s film ‘My Son Hunter’

by WorldTribune Staff, September 8, 2022

Joe Biden once infamously said: “We choose truth over facts.”

Alex Marlow the Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart News, says Breitbart chose both in making its first film, “My Son Hunter” which proves truth can indeed be stranger than fiction.

Amid the film’s release on Wednesday, Marlow noted several pieces of Biden scandal lore, extending to much of a family, which have the Left terrified of the film directed by Robert Davi and written by Brian Godawa.

A definitive breakdown of one of America’s most corrupt families

The “Biden 5” is a term referencing the members of the Biden family whose (apparently) corrupt operations center around “The Big Guy himself.” As Peter Schweizer, author of “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite”, puts it: “Joe Biden is the planet around which the moons of his family travel.”

Hunter Biden: Before his father became Vice President, Hunter was a lobbyist for online gambling companies in Europe. Once his father became the V.P., Hunter quickly became flush with foreign capital, acquiring $1 billion dollars in financing from a Chinese state-run bank and finding himself on the board of a Chinese investment firm, Bohai Harvest RST, netting him 10% equity in the company. Needless to say, he lacked experience in China — or any qualifications to hold such a board seat — aside from, of course, the only criterion that really mattered: his last name is Biden.

Frank Biden: Frank underwent a sudden professional switch from real estate to renewable energy once his brother took over the Vice Presidency. He set up companies in Costa Rica and Jamaica and, shortly thereafter, became involved in deals that were not only renewable energy-related and located in the aforementioned localities but were funded by taxpayer-backed loans. One such company also developed real estate for charter schools which received grants from the Department of Education.

James Biden: Joe’s younger brother, James, worked as Executive Vice President of Hillstone International, a company that received $1.5 billion in government contracts during the Obama years, including one to build 100,000 homes in Iraq. The president of the company, Kevin Justice, even attended a White House meeting in 2010 with Michelle Smith, a liaison between “global government officials and business executives” and top aide to Joe Biden as Vice President.

Valerie Biden: Joe Biden’s sister had managed his senatorial campaigns in Delaware and then later was a benefactor of political donations made to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. She raked in millions. The money was sent to Valerie Biden’s communications firms, Citizens for Biden and Biden for President Inc. Schweizer was keen to note that Joe Biden likely needed little help running for a shoo-in, safe Senate seat, yet he made certain to involve family anyway and ensure they bagged cash in the process.

Ashley Biden: Joe Biden helped the husband of his daughter Ashley, Howard Krein, launch a healthcare company, StartUp Health, in 2011. The Big Guy got Krein a sit-down with President Obama mere weeks after the company’s launch. The meeting ultimately garnered Krein a coveted invite to Healthcare Data-Palooza, a prestigious joint healthcare summit between the public and private sectors. Later, Krein went on to advise the Biden campaign on its policies regarding COVID. Meanwhile, StartUp had investments in companies developing goods and services related to treatments for the virus.

Hunter Biden’s handgun and the Secret Service

Hunter Biden’s brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, apparently assisted him with disposing of a firearm by throwing the weapon away into a dumpster behind a grocery store. The weapon then “disappeared.” Then, the Secret Service “inserted itself” into the matter, reportedly approaching the owner of the store at which the gun was purchased to seize records of the transaction. The White House denied any involvement in the situation. The weapon, which had allegedly been in the possession of a dumpster diver, was eventually returned. It was discovered that Hunter lied while applying for the firearm, answering “no” on a question inquiring about whether he had a history of drug use.

Marlow notes: “Not only might this have been a felony for which Hunter went unpunished, it suggests that Joe Biden or someone in the administration might have used their power to protect the younger Biden son from the law.”

Hunter Biden’s foreign deals

Over 150 wire transfer transactions with a value of over $10,000 each were attached to the names of Hunter and James Biden and were flagged as suspicious by U.S. banks. Wire transfers are an essential channel for moving laundered funds, and as such, any transactions over $10,000 are monitored by the IRS to help protect against financial corruption schemes. This is considered especially necessary in cases where there is a foreign party involved. Here, the Office of Foreign Assets Control monitors the transactions, as well.

James and Hunter Biden were both paid by Chinese entities and received retainer fees totaling $165,000.

Text messages from Hunter’s phone also detailed plainly that not only does Hunter say he has paid “for everything for the entire family for [the last] 30 years” but also that “pop [Joe Biden]” had been making his family pay him “half of [their] salaries.”

Hunter Biden and the 2.8 karat diamond

Investigations into Hunter Biden’s taxes revealed that he was gifted a 2.8 karat diamond in 2017 by Ye Jiaming, the now-jailed Chinese millionaire who founded one of the largest private companies in China, China Energy (CEFC). Emails from Hunter’s laptop reveal a discussion of a deal with CEFC that appears to suggest that Joe Biden was slated for a 10% ownership stake in the company. The story was corroborated by Hunter’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, and by Hunter himself — who stated that he knew “it wasn’t a good idea to take it,” meaning the diamond.

At the time, Hunter was already the subject of an ongoing investigation into his business dealings in China.

“My Son Hunter” was released on Sept. 7 and is available at MySonHunter.com for streaming and downloading.

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