Why? Capitol still on high alert for Biden’s first address to Congress

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, April 28, 2021

Joe Biden will give his first address to Congress tonight.

There will be no guests. Attendance is by invite only and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited just 200 Congress members, most of them leftists to cheer Biden even if he strays from the script.

National Guard troops patrol the vicinity of the U.S. Capitol. / Roberto Schmidt / AFP via Getty Images

“They would paint circles on the floor and invite 20 people if they thought they could get away with it,” Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft noted.

Outside the Capitol, the fencing topped with razor wire is still there. And so are the National Guard troops.

“Obviously the events of the 6th are poignant reminders of why we need to be vigilant,” said Michael Plati, the U.S. Secret Service special agent in charge who is leading security for tonight’s joint session. “But the standard of security remains the same.”

D.C. is still militarized and on high alert. The question is, why?

Every occasion since Jan. 6 that was “hyped as when righty radicals might strike has passed without a hint of activity,” the New York Post noted in an editorial. “Inauguration Day was quiet in the Capitol and also in every state capitol; the only hint of political violence was from the Left, in the Pacific Northwest. The 26,000 troops brought to D.C. for security spent the day twiddling their thumbs.”

Following the inauguration, 7,000 troops remained in D.C. “for fear Trumpies would get violent during the impeachment trial. Nothing happened,” the Post noted.

Then came March 4, when leftists in Congress and the media claimed that QAnon was plotting an “insurrection.” Despite increased security at the Capitol and the House canceling all planned votes, the day came and went without a single disturbance.

No legitimate threats, yet Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration opted to keep most of the Guard on until at least May 23.

“The needless militarization simply feeds more fear — as people unconsciously assume it means there’s some real threat out there,” the Post noted.

One unspoken concern is of course that tens of millions of Americans agree with a certain former president who continues to assert that the cabal now running the nation have no legitimacy.

Most National Guard members aren’t full-time soldiers.

“They are volunteers with civilian jobs and families that don’t expect them to be gone for months on end except in case of war or dire emergency,” the Post noted. “The 5,200 troops still standing in front of the Capitol have received no clear mission, let alone a specific justification for their continued presence. There’s certainly been no official threat report.”

Michael McGuire, chairman of the National Guard Association of the United States, said that state Guard leaders were tired of the ongoing “pickup game” of using Guard troops to supplement law enforcement in D.C.

“There’s been a quite a pivot in where people are at with this idea of having an expeditionary military police force in the District of Columbia,” he said.

Last month, Gen. Dan Hokanson, chief of the National Guard Bureau, also expressed concerns about the ongoing D.C. deployment requests. In a memo he said that “the continued indefinite nature of this requirement may also impede our ability to man future missions as both adjutants general and guardsmen alike may be skeptical about committing to similar endeavors.”

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