Who runs Team Biden? Community-based ‘gun crime’ program is rife with social justice radicals

by WorldTribune Staff, June 24, 2021

In a further revelation of the radical forces operating within the Biden administration, the White House on June 23 openly touted its working relationship with globalist leftist moneyed “philanthropies” such as the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation and George Soros’s’ Open Society Foundations as part of its new “gun crime” strategy.

Chesa Boudin’s San Francisco DA race was funded by George Soros. / Twitter

An official White House statement titled “Fact Sheet: Biden-Harris Administration Announces Comprehensive Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gun Crime and Ensure Public Safety” boasted of the administration’s commitment to work with numerous organizations in support of so-called “Community Violence Intervention” (CVI) programs.

What CVI is really all about is the promotion of “social justice” rather than law enforcement as a means to reduce crime.

From the White House statement:

Over the next 18 months, the Administration will convene meetings with officials from these communities, facilitate peer-to-peer learning, and provide technical assistance. This effort will support both proven and new strategies that reduce gun violence and strengthen community-based infrastructure to enhance public safety for children, families, and communities and to advance equity. A group of philanthropies that have been leaders on this issue will support this collaborative learning network by deploying CVI experts to provide training and technical assistance, identify best practices, integrate proven and innovative public-health approaches, and help local community-based organizations scale CVI efforts this summer and beyond.

Among the organizations named as participants were the aforementioned three as well as the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Microsoft Corporation. A closer look at The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s CVI machinations fully highlights their radical nature.

A June 23 press release by the foundation flatly declares that at its core CVI is about the fight for “social justice”:

The effort is rooted in racial justice and equity to support communities and strengthen lasting community violence intervention infrastructure. This collaboration will scale and pilot proven and promising strategies to reduce violence and reimagine public safety with pooled resources over 18 months. Together with our peers, we hope to learn from the collaborative and work towards collective healing and support a movement for social justice.

The MacArthur Foundation funds a group called the Safety and Justice Challenge. A June 23 tweet by that outfit celebrates the new CVI initiative as being “rooted in racial equity & justice.”

Note the hashtag #RethinkJails:

In fact, the Safety and Justice Challenge wants Americans to “”reimagine a definition of safety” entirely:

“We must confront the devastating impacts of mass incarceration by a system that over-polices and over-incarcerates Black, Indigenous, and Latinx people,” said Laurie Garduque, MacArthur’s Director of Criminal Justice. “Over the past five years, the Safety and Justice Challenge has safely reduced the ineffective and harmful use of jails, while learning that jail population reduction alone does not undo the racial inequities perpetuated by an unjust system and our nation’s history of systemic racism. We are committed to supporting cities and counties as they reimagine a definition of safety that is inclusive of all communities and makes meaningful progress towards our goal of ending racial and ethnic disparities in jails.”

The group and its ludicrously biased partners laboriously attempt to prove that statistics prove that what Americans are seeing with their own eyes in cities across the nation is not true. “Data Shows Violent Crime Is Down and Decarceration Works,” screams the headline on a June 22 article posted on the Safety and Justice Challenge website.

From the article:

Recently, you may have been reading in the press that there is a “crime wave” going on, and that it is related to either the COVID-19 pandemic, related lockdowns, protests, defunding the police, or social unrest.

These articles contain a lot of misinformation about crime rates, whether they are increasing or not, and what is causing them to change.

First, it is important to note, there is no “crime wave”. Second, while there has been a short-term increase in homicides, those increases cannot be linked to drops in the jail populations.


COVID-19 created the most dramatic decrease in jail populations, over the shortest amount of time in modern history. The pandemic gave us an opportunity to rethink old practices and consider changes for the longer term.

The data we produced should be used to start a conversation on how and why some specific crime types did increase in the time frame studied. And we should consider how to combat that, smartly. Answers include improving community relationships and cohesion, better community policing, and violence de-escalation initiatives.

Chesa Boudin, the radical district attorney for San Francisco, tweeted out this data on June 22, claiming it “confirms” that jailing criminals “doesn’t make us safer”:

Boudin was roasted in his replies. Among the comments:

You just released a guy that stabbed an old lady a week later. Yes, keeping him in jail makes us all safer.

Tell that to the 94-year old Asian American woman who was recently violently stabbed in SF.

Time to give San Francisco robbers, rapists, muggers and murderers milk, cookies and not prosecute them. See how high you can make San Francisco’s crime go!

Another expert study from the vast liberal academic factory mass producing “data driven solutions”  we can see with our own eyes are total nonsense.

That last comment is especially spot-on. The CUNY Institute for State and Local Governance partnered with the Safety and Justice Challenge on the so-called “research.” The institute authored a June 22 report that is now being cited in defense of the “decarceration works” narrative. Rather hilariously, the institute takes great pains to flash its woke bona fides while at the same time insisting upon its total non-partisan approach to its work.

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On its website, the institute places the subheads “Anti-Racism” right next to “Evidence & Objectivity” under a “What We Value” heading.

“We acknowledge that structural racism impacts systems and institutions serving the communities we partner with and represent. We are dedicated to working toward its elimination,” the anti-racism paragraph reads.

“We commit to letting data and analysis drive the diagnosis of problems and the development of equitable solutions,” the Evidence & Objectivity portion then states.

The institute’s strident commitment to this objectivity is shown by its blistering condemnation of the Jan. 6 unrest on Capitol Hill:

When public officials lie, they compromise our safety and security. This played out to horrific ends on January 6 when the U.S. Capitol was attacked by a marauding mob who were lied to (and egged on) repeatedly by their local and national officials about the non-existent election fraud that occurred in the Presidential election.

That screed was immediately followed up by another:

Consider another ongoing example: the presumed nexus between immigration and increased crime, pushed relentlessly by the Trump administration and others over the last several years. Many elected officials and candidates for office followed suit and used spurious claims about the danger immigrants posed to us and our families – rapists! murderers! – to justify limiting or eliminating legal protections for immigrants and investing massive amounts of scarce resources to keep immigrants out. These public officials did so even though these lies and baseless policies run counter to what cold, hard facts and research have shown for decades: immigrants, if anything, make this country safer.

These are the radicals that Joe Biden’s administration will be working with in the fight against “gun violence.” They will cook their own results and present them as solutions, and an installed president will be on hand to back it all.

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