Who is QAnon? Lin Wood translates ‘Commie’ media attack on Gen. Flynn and him

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, November 11, 2021

On multiple occasions, dire warnings have been issued of threats to the American democracy by a group of right-wingers known as QAnon. A fence was erected around the U.S. Capitol in January to safeguard the ruling class from such allegedly violent and deranged nut cases.

Who was sounding the alarm on QAnon?

Gen. Michael Flynn, left, and attorney Lin Wood / Twitter

That would be the same Democrat politicians and leftist media propaganda outlets that have yet to apologize to Americans for force-feeding them a daily diet from the fictitious Trump-Russia “dossier” since 2016. That’s called getting the story wrong for more than 1,000 days in a row.

The late Washington Times Editor Wesley Pruden had a 7-word Journalism Code of Ethics: “Get it first and get it right.”

The Daily Beast’s media “reporter” Justin Baragona wants to be clear: “QAnon, for those still unaware, is an unhinged and dangerous cult that believes there is a satanic cabal of powerful pedophiliac Democrats and liberals feeding off the lifeblood of young children.”

Thanks, Justin. Could Christopher Steele provide some supporting detail?

Last weekend, Gen. Michael Flynn and attorney Lin Wood spoke at the “Preserving America” event in Springfield, Missouri.

Andrew Sullender of the Springfield News-Leader offered some corrective analysis for unsuspecting locals: “Flynn and Wood have become darlings of followers of QAnon, a wide-ranging and discredited conspiracy theory alleging a satanic cabal of pedophiles control government and culture across the globe. The group is led by ‘Q’ — who posted anonymously online claiming to have top-level security clearance. Though Q has not posted in more than a year, the conspiracy theory still has adherents and the FBI has labeled it a domestic terror threat.”

Lin Wood offered the following salute to Andrew’s journalistic integrity with the following Telegram post:

“At the end of its propaganda hit piece, the Commie Springfield News-Leader falsely attempts to smear me by linking me to the fictional ‘QAnon conspiracy.’

“This is a repeat of the broken and false record the enemy keeps playing over and over again against many genuine Patriots to falsely accuse us of being ‘conspiracy theorists.’

“I know that it is factually true that Q exists. I know that there are ‘drops’ published by Q. I know that among other things, Q openly stands against pedophilia, child sex trafficking, and satanic rituals involving children. I sure agree with those positions published by Q. They address our humanity. I want ALL individuals who have been engaged in crimes against humanity to be identified and brought swiftly to justice.

“I don’t know who Q is. Do you?

“I know that Anons exist. I understand that Anons are individuals who, particularly online and digitally, research information contained in the ‘Q drops.’ Many of them lawfully express their conclusions from their research.

“Sure sounds lawful to me. Do you agree?

“Let’s face the TRUTH.

“The term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was a propaganda phrase created by the CIA (an integral part of the Deep State) in the 1950’s to smear individuals who did research on, and analysis of, known facts and then lawfully expressed their conclusions. Their conclusions could be right, they could be wrong.

“Sure sounds like a robust exchange of ideas allowed and encouraged by the First Amendment to me. Does it to you?

“The CIA coined the phrase ‘conspiracy theorist’ to falsely smear individuals and demean the TRUTH that many individuals were exposing to the public.

“I hope that helps you better understand why the CIA and the Deep State Mockingbird propagandists INVENTED the phrase ‘QAnon conspiracy theorists.’

“Don’t be played by the enemy. Reject the enemy’s propaganda. The enemy is a liar and a deceiver.

As for the Springfield News-Leader, Wood said the article conveyed “the false accusation that General Flynn and I have called for a military coup of the country [It really does, here’s the report].

“Are you kidding me?,” Wood added.

Wood continued: “I have never called for a ‘military coup’ of our country. Such an act by the military would be a violation of our Constitution. I have always urged that We The People only engage in lawful acts recognized in our Bill of Rights such as free speech and freedom of peaceful assembly.

“My references to martial law in the past only recognize that lawful option which was employed by President Abraham Lincoln and other Presidents as historically documented.

“To equate my public comments to a call for a ‘military coup’ is a perversion of my public statements and is nothing more than errant nonsense.

“You recognize and understand the agenda of the Mockingbird smear tactics, don’t you?

“I do.

“Keep doing the research. Keep connecting the dots. Keep drawing your own conclusions and exercising your First Amendment right to express those conclusions.”

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