Who is NSA leaker Reality Winner? She held nothing back on social media

by WorldTribune Staff, June 6, 2017

The social footprint of the 25-year-old federal contractor charged with leaking a top secret NSA report on Russia’s attempt to hack the 2016 election tell most of what is now known by the public.

She is climate change activist, a supporter of Bernie Sanders, a defender of the mullahs’ regime in Iran and she recently referred to President Donald Trump as “a piece of sh–”.

Reality Leigh Winner. / Facebook

Reality Leigh Winner, who was arrested at her home in Augusta, Georgia over the weekend, is also a fan of progressive icons Bill Maher and Michael Moore and the Islamic Society of North America, The Daily Caller reported on June 5, citing the woman’s Facebook posts.

Some of the political pages Winner “Liked” on Facebook include those of Sanders, Koch Brothers Exposed, Media Matters for America, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

She called Trump a “piece of sh–” because of his position on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, the report said.

A Twitter account reportedly belonging to Winner announced that she would stand with the Iranian regime against the United States.

In response to a tweet from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in which he insisted Iran would “never use our weapons against anyone, except in self-defense,” Winner wrote: “There are many Americans protesting US govt aggression towards Iran. If our Tangerine in Chief declares war, we stand with you!”

Winner was indicted in federal court on June 5 after she allegedly stole classified documents from her employer, Pluribus International, a defense contractor that does work for the NSA from its offices in Augusta.

She faces up to 10 years in jail for leaking classified information.

The highly classified intelligence document, published on June 5 by The Intercept, describes how Russia managed to infiltrate America’s voting infrastructure using a spear-phishing email scheme that targeted local government officials and employees.

A news article from the Kingsville (Texas) Record shows that Winner graduated from Air Force basic training in March 2011.

On Feb. 14 of this year, a day after taking her job at Pluribus, Winner posted a photo outside of the Atlanta offices of Georgia Sen. David Perdue.

Winner wrote that she had a 30-minute private meeting with the Republican lawmaker. She said they discussed “my concerns regarding climate change and what the state of Georgia is doing to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.”

“Meanwhile, my plea that our senators not be afraid to directly state when our president or his cabinet tell outright lies was well heard. I was able to draw the parallel between the 2011 interview of President Bashar Assad claiming utter ignorance of the human rights violations his citizens were protesting to Trump’s statement last week that the White House hadn’t received any calls about the DAPL, nor were there any protests before last week. They got the message,” she wrote.

Sen. Perdue’s office issued a statement on June 6 clarifying that Winner met with a staff member of his office but not with the senator:

“In February, Ms. Winner met with our state team to discuss environmental issues. The allegations against Ms. Winner are very serious, and if true, directly threaten our national security. We trust our Justice Department will get to the bottom of this and handle it appropriately.”

Winner was heavily critical of Trump just after he took office. She used the hashtag “NeverMyPresident” and “Resist” in a Facebook post about his position on the Dakota pipeline.

Winner wrote: “You have got to be shitting me right now. No one has called? The White House shut down their phone lines. There have been protests for months, at both the drilling site and and outside the White House. I’m losing my mind. If you voted for this piece of shit, explain this. He’s lying. He’s blatantly lying and the second largest supply of freshwater in the country is now at risk.”

Winner most recently posted on Facebook on June 2, the day before she was interviewed by the FBI.

“You are what you love, not who loves you,” she wrote.

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