Whistleblower: Today’s FBI is hopelessly devoted to the Church of Woke

by WorldTribune Staff, June 5, 2023

In 1935, Inspector W.H. Drane Lester, writing in the FBI employee magazine The Investigator, coined the bureau’s motto.

Lester wrote: “But ‘F B I’ is the best and one from which we might well choose our motto, for those initials also represent the three things for which the Bureau and its representatives always stand: ‘Fidelity – Bravery – Integrity.’ ”

In 2023, FBI stands for “Faith Based Institution” because the bureau has wholly joined the “Church of Woke,” FBI whistleblower Steve Friend wrote for UncoverDC on June 5.

Friend, who started his career as an FBI Special Agent in 2014 and was suspended after objecting to a number of the bureau’s practices, came forward to speak out about the FBI’s handling of the J6 investigation.

Two recent emails “are the best evidence of the FBI’s devotion to the Church of Woke,” Friend wrote.

In the first, on May 30, retiring FBI Executive Assistant Director Jennifer Moore disseminated an email updating all personnel about a new policy from the bureau’s “Well-Being and Resilience Program.” Moore, who oversaw the FBI’s Human Resources Branch, announced the implementation of “wellness hours” for mental and physical fitness for all employees. Per the correspondence, beginning in mid-June 2023, all FBI employees can request and utilize three paid hours per week to focus on their “wellness.”

In the second email, Friend noted, “the FBI’s Orwellian-titled Office of Diversity and Inclusion proudly (pun intended) announced its commemoration of Pride Month in a June 1st email to all personnel. According to the note, on June 6, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Dr. Demetre Daskalakis will address ‘LGBT+ visibility in the government and healthcare industry’ during a virtual webcast. Every FBI employee must attend two diversity training events per year. The webcast can be credited toward this requirement.”

Friend continued: “Instead of a supreme, omnipotent Creator worthy of human devotion, Church of Woke adherents fill the God-shaped hole in their hearts with staunch self-worship. Judeo-Christian faiths caution against sinful behavior such as sloth and gluttony. In direct opposition, woke sacramental activities prioritize personal wellness. With three weekly ‘wellness hours,’ woke FBI employees triple the time most Christians spend in weekly church attendance.”

In the Church of Woke, “pride and lust are virtues,” Friend added.

“Pride Month is tantamount to the Christian Lenten season, Jewish High Holy Days, and Islamic Ramadan. Additionally, the Church of Woke embraces antipathy against Judeo-Christianity. Thus, the FBI commemorating its hallowed month by featuring a satanic and occultic apologist is wholly appropriate and consistent with this worldview. Pride, after all, is no sin to the woke. Moreover, June 6 marks the seventy-ninth anniversary of the Allied force’s invasion of Normandy during World War II. The FBI’s decision to feature its Pride Month commemoration on this day demonstrates how the agency prioritizes wokeness ahead of American valor, honor, and patriotism.”

Barring revival, Friend wrote, “Americans can expect the agency’s continued rejection of the Judeo-Christian principles on which our nation was founded. Federal law enforcement must stand for equal justice, due process, and the rule of law. If the FBI continues to worship at the altar of wokeness, the nation will witness the agency’s continued degradation and malfeasance. We should pray for a great FBI reawakening and reformation. The hour grows late. Without a renewed commitment to ‘Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity,’ America will bear witness to the FBI’s eternal damnation.”

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