Where’s the media? 18,000 kids in cages on the border vs 2,600 at most during Trump era

Anlaysis by WorldTribune Staff, April 6, 2021

Team Biden is holding seven times more migrant children at the U.S. southern border than the Trump administration did, according to data from the federal government.

Sen. Ted Cruz described conditions migrants are being held in as ‘inhumane.’

Data from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), reported on March 31, reveals there are 17,641 unaccompanied migrant minors being held in government facilities.

Of those, 12,035 are in the care of HHS and 5,606 in CBP custody.

Under the Trump administration, the largest number of unaccompanied minors being detained at one time was roughly 2,600.

And, yet, Joe Biden and his point-person for immigration Kamala Harris, and the corporate media, have yet to refer to the humanitarian disaster at the border as a crisis.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, one of 18 senators visit to the border in late March, told Fox News that the conditions the children are being held in are “inhumane” and “unconscionable.”

“Today we visited detention facilities, in particular the [town of] Donna detention facility which is a giant tent-city that has been constructed in response to this overwhelming crisis that’s unfolding on the border. And the capacity in the Donna facility with Covid restrictions is 250 people. It has right now about 4,000 people in it. So it is over 1,500 percent of its capacity,” Cruz said.

“And we saw the Biden cages. We saw cage after cage after cage that the Biden administration has filled with kids. They are packed in there. They’re not 6 feet apart or 3 feet apart. They’re side by side. And the rate of Covid positivity in the Donna facility is about 10 percent. What they’re doing is inhumane, it’s unconscionable, and it was the preventable. It’s the direct result of political decisions the Biden administration has made.”

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