Way Left: Dems have abandoned us, say Black Lives Matter; Antifa arsonist lionized

by WorldTribune Staff, July 15, 2019

The Left is hailing as a hero the Antifa thug who died in a shootout with police after he attempted to set ablaze an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Tacoma, Washington.

Willem Van Spronsen was killed on July 13 after a shootout with police when he arrived at the Northwest Detention Center and attempted to set buildings on fire, the Tacoma News Tribune reported, citing local authorities.

Willem Van Spronsen

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter said that Democrats are now more concerned with standing up for non-citizens than the rights of black American citizens.

“Democrats abandoned the Black Lives Matter movement and prioritized immigrants rights as they search for a new ‘victim base’ to exploit,” Black Lives Matters Greater NY said in a July 15 press release.

Following the Tacoma incident, Antifa members and other assorted leftists took to Twitter to lionize Van Spronsen.

An Antifa Twitter account called RevAbolitionMov, which has nearly 3,000 followers, wrote: “RIP to anarchist fighter Willem Van Spronsen. The attack on the [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] facility in Tacoma is a proportionate action against enslavers and internment camp operators. He joins a long list of fallen anarchist martyrs who fought for a liberated world!”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a socialist Democrat, has referred to ICE detainment facilities as “concentration camps.”

Other tweets praising Van Spronsen included:

Lou Lou @loobylane said: “#WillemVanSpronsen targeted ICE infrastructure in a bid to save lives. He is a hero, and we grieve his loss. Rest in Power comrade.”

contranym @c0ntr4nym wrote: “his name was Willem Van Spronsen. he was a 69 year old elder comrade who last year tried to free a 17 year old from police during a protest at the same ICE center. he literally gave his life for the cause. rest in power. remember him.”

Neon Nobility@SirCranburry said: “#WillemVanSpronsen is a hero, we take the law into our own hands when the law fails those in need”

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a 2020 presidential candidate, decried the attack on the facility, but also got in a shot at President Donald Trump in the process.

“Along with many Americans, I object with every fiber of my being to Donald Trump’s inhumane treatment of immigrants in America. But violence is not acceptable. We must be better and seek non-violent ways of pursuing the better world we want, as many groups are doing,” Inslee said.

The Tacoma Police Department responded to a call around 4 a.m. on July 13 when Van Spronsen, armed with a rifle and flares, started throwing incendiary devices toward a propane tank in an effort to set fire to the facility and managed to ignite a car, the department said, according to The Seattle Times.

Deb Bartley, a friend of Van Spronsen, told the Times that he identified as an anarchist and anti-fascist (Antifa), and she believes his intent in attacking the center was to provoke a conflict.

“He was ready to end it,” Bartley said. “I think this was a suicide. But then he was able to kind of do it in a way that spoke to his political beliefs. I know he went down there knowing he was going to die.”

While Democrats now shine a spotlight on an “emergency” at the southern border which just months ago they insisted didn’t exist, Black Lives Matter (BLM) decried the party for abandoning a problem that has been ongoing for years.

In the July 15 press release, BLM said: “Eric Garner has received little more than tweets from American politicians while many have taken trips to the border. We agree that immigrants deserve fair treatment, however, there should be concern and urgency for the people who built this country for free. The fight for the rights of Black people has been a continuous struggle for four centuries and counting.”

Black Lives Matter Greater NY traveled to the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. on July 15 “to demand prosecution before the statute of limitations for the federal government to prosecute NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo expires on Wednesday, July 17th we ask the question. Why are Democrats and Republicans ignoring this death?”

In 2014, the press release said, “we all watched in horror as Eric Garner was choked while screaming ‘I can’t breathe,’ 11 times. Proud progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio waited 5 years before commencing an internal trial. All the while, the officer kept his job. You do not have to be anti-cop to be pro-police accountability. The officer acted with malice and we can all agree on this. He should not have freedom and he should not have a job.”

The release concluded by asking one question: “If an immigrant at the border was choked to death by ICE agents, what would politicians be doing now? Why are they not doing this for Eric Garner?”

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