Washington Post outraged that White House allows conservative outlets at press briefings

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, August 23, 2020

The Washington Post, the news outlet which amplified one of the biggest political hoaxes in American history, is calling out conservative-leaning news outlets for allegedly amplifying hoaxes.

Gateway Pundit reporter Alicia Powe, by window, asks a question during a recent White House press briefing.

The Post complained in two recent articles that The Gateway Pundit, The Epoch Times and One America News Network (OANN), three conservative sites that it says are “amplifying hoaxes,” were allowed into White House press briefings given by President Donald Trump.

The Post won a Pulitzer Prize for amplifying the Trump-Russia hoax. Many have called on it to return the prize.

The Post opined in its news pages that “The White House press corps just got a little more Trump-friendly, thanks to a bit of maneuvering by the White House itself.”

The Jeff Bezos-owned “newspaper” says the conservative outlets are being unjustly given special treatment at Trump’s press briefings at which the preponderance of “journalists” present represent anti-Trump corporate media monopolies.

During one recent briefing that particularly set off the Post, Gateway Pundit reporter Alicia Powe was called on to ask a question of Trump. Powe asked the president about Joe Biden attempting to take credit for the Trump administration’s brokering of the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE.

Powe “asked one of the only sensible questions during the entire presidential press conference,” Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft noted.

In another article, the Post was irate that Trump fielded questions at his Aug. 13 press briefing from The Epoch Times and OANN.

As for OANN, the cancel culture mavens at the Washington Post have complained many times about the network. The Post summed it up in a June headline about OANN: “When Fox News disappoints, Trump has a backup”.

“The far left media STILL believes they are entitled to promote the news narrative in America today,” Hoft said. “These far left dinosaurs have failed to keep up with the times. They have failed to look within at their own shortcomings.”

Hoft asked:

Will the Washington Post ever apologize to their readers for promoting the Trump-Russia collusion lies?
Will the Washington Post ever apologize to their readers for their false attacks on the Covington Catholic school boys?
Will the Washington Post ever honestly report on Joe Biden’s cognitive decline?

“The American public have seen through the constant lies of the far left mainstream media,” Hoft said. “And, although the White House Correspondents’ Association believe they own the news coming from the White House — They don’t!”

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