There, I said it: The Washington DC Mafia

Special to WorldTribune, February 13, 2020

Commentary by  Charles Togias

I want to focus on what is happening in our nation’s capital or otherwise referred to as the swamp. To get the reader’s attention I included the word “Mafia” in the title, to call attention to this mindless political travesty.

Before we go any further I want to apologize to those in the Mafia and their leaders. We know they operate with much more dignity and respect for each other than many of these far-left Washington politicians. I did not in any way try to compare the Mafia with these horrible finger-pointing elitists.

Charles “Lucky” Luciano born in Sicily, is considered the father of modern organized crime in the United States for splitting New York City into five different Mafia crime families and establishing the first commission. / Public domain.

My goal was trying to call attention to this terrible situation because the mainstream media will not. The political left, their leaders and the mainstream media are one! Thank God for Fox News!!

When I see what is happening with the far-left politicians in Washington and their continued attacks on President Trump I am in disbelief. A very simple example is how outraged Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Nadler, and their many far-left followers are when accusing President Trump of colluding with Ukraine to undermine the election and yet say nothing about Joe Biden and his son Hunter. With the help of the mainstream media, the far left pointers are given credibility.

Joe Biden’s son Hunter was paid millions of dollars to be a consultant in the Ukraine for a company/product he knew nothing about and could not speak the language. To make matters even worse Biden is accused of having the Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was going to investigate this political travesty and this was done while he was Vice-President. Yet the political hoodlums serving in Congress never have said a word condemning this atrocity. They are blindly focused on trying to prove that President Trump was pressuring Ukraine to investigate this matter. I said in my book Political Correctness is Total BS that if Mr. Trump did not urge the Ukrainian’s to look into this matter it would be a dereliction of duty. We as American citizens are letting these political hoodlums live by a completely different standard while they would persecute American citizens and their rivals for doing the same.

Since so many of them are always pointing at their rival’s and accusing them of misdeeds I felt a need to evaluate their morals and ethics with a very simple suggestion: All members of the House and Senate have their net worth investigated from what it was prior to taking office and what it is currently. I believe the numbers would be staggering. If they have nothing to hide they should welcome the inquiry. After that investigation has been completed I want to see how many of them will be able to point their fingers at anyone.

Question: What was Bernie Sander’s career in civilian life and net worth prior to getting into Politics?

President Truman said: “You can’t get rich in Washington unless you are a crook.”

Again, my sincere apologies to members of the Mafia for comparing them to many of the Washington insiders!! These insiders talk about their integrity while they lie and cheat to achieve their agenda. Comparing any group to these swamp rats is unfair!!

Charles Togias is the author of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is TOTAL BS