Warsaw conference, mocked by Left, focused on regional threat posed by Iran

by WorldTribune Staff, February 20, 2019

During last week’s Warsaw conference on Middle East security, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said that Iran poses the “greatest threat to peace and security in the Middle East” and explicitly called out the Islamic Republic for plotting a “new Holocaust.”

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence in Warsaw on Feb. 13. / Reuters

Liberal U.S. media dismissed the conference as evidence the U.S. was isolating itself with the forum and the message which ran contrary to the EU consensus on Iran.

Writing for the Jerusalem Post on Feb. 18, Shmuley Boteach noted that “Through the three long years that former president Barack Obama and former secretary of state John Kerry negotiated the Iran nuclear agreement, neither ever condemned Iran for its genocidal incitement against Israel. Though the United States is a signatory to the 1948 United Nations Anti-Genocide Convention, which expressly prohibits genocidal rhetoric against any nation, neither American leader dared condemn Iran for promising to slaughter another six million Jews.”

Boteach said that Pence, “in a single speech in Warsaw where so many Jews died in the Holocaust, corrected that horrendous moral omission. In so doing, he showed that America’s commitment to the pledge of ‘Never Again’ is rock solid and not to be trifled with.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at the conference that “You can’t achieve peace and stability in the Middle East without confronting Iran.”

Peace is not possible, Pompeo said, without “pushing back” against Iran’s malignant influence in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and Iraq. “The three H’s – the Houthis, Hamas and Hizbullah – these are real threats,” Pompeo said, referencing three of Iran’s terrorist proxies.

“In February of 2019, the world – at last – is not content to sit idly by as a sinister enemy of the Jews plots their demolition,” Boteach wrote. “Led by the United States – the world’s sole and moral superpower – and the government of Poland, nations from across the globe gathered to counter the menace known as the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose disregard for human life is matched only by the vitriol with which they threaten to annihilate the Jewish state.”

The U.S. contingent in Warsaw urged European signatories to withdraw from the Iran deal, as the U.S. did last year.

Leftist U.S. media outlets made light of the Warsaw gathering.

Frida Ghitis, CNN world affairs columnist, who called the event a U.S. diplomatic “road show,” worte: “On the whole, the Trump administration’s Warsaw extravaganza came across as the product of poor planning. What exactly was its objective? The administration ended up highlighting the growing rifts between the US and its closest allies, and ultimately walked away looking diplomatically inept.”

The Economist dismissed the gathering as “Mike Pompeo’s shambolic summit in Warsaw”.

Vox declared the U.S. the big loser of the conference: “The U.S. held a global summit to isolate Iran. America isolated itself instead”.

Caroline Glick, a journalist and candidate for Israel’s Knesset, noted that “All of the media organs gave the same argument. The Warsaw conference was a flop because the European Union (EU) bureaucrats and bigwigs didn’t like it.”

Glick said that liberals’ criticism of the conference proves that it was a success.

“The diplomatic coalition the Trump administration has forged against Iran is a major achievement,” Glick wrote.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that “With the Arab countries, as with many Muslim countries, the question is how to fight radical Islam. Last week in Warsaw we saw something amazing – there were 64 ministers, representatives of 60 countries, together with representatives of Arab countries – representatives of Arab countries came to the stage and talked about Iran.

“They said that Iran is the greatest danger today. One of them was asked about Israel’s military activity against Iran’s efforts to establish itself in Syria, and his reply was: ‘Every country has the right to defend itself.’

“They talked about finding solutions to problems in the Middle East and said, ‘Yes, we want to solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem, but it cannot be solved unless we stop Iranian aggression.’ ”

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