Wanted for questioning in Houston County Texas: Biden, Fauci


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President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci are now wanted for questioning in one small corner of Texas. Judge Clyde Black, a justice of the peace in sparsely populated Houston County, issued “peace bond” warrants this week for Mr. Biden and his chief medical adviser, accusing them of breaking various state laws through their lax immigration policies, restrictive COVID-19 rules and purported threat to Second Amendment rights.

“People in my county are nervous,” Judge Black said. “Nobody would admit to being scared — folks here aren’t afraid of too much — and people have come to me concerned about what’s happening. They think they might get in trouble if they go to church, some of the mandated stuff with COVID bothers them. They are worried about their ability to speak freely.” ….

He decided to issue the peace bond warrants, his first in 15 years as a justice of the peace. Texas criminal code requires such warrants to state the name of the person whose arrest is sought and the alleged offenses. The warrant for Mr. Biden accuses him of “mandatory allowed entry of illegal criminal immigrants; threatening illegal confiscation of personal firearms; endangering lives with mask mandates; ordering mandatory vaccinations; creating panic and fear with false pandemic numbers; creating danger with gender regulations in schools against the laws of the state of Texas.”

The warrant for Dr. Fauci, who is generally recognized as the federal government’s top authority on the coronavirus pandemic, claims that he has “endangered lives; creating public fear and panic;” and has engaged in “policies denying medicine needed to fight disease and more.”


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