Voices of the new GOP: Goodbye and good riddance, ‘Pierre Delecto’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, September 14, 2023

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, representing a Republican party establishment rapidly going the way of dinosaurs, announced on Wednesday that he will not seek re-election in 2024.

“We face critical challenges — mounting national debt, climate change, and the ambitious authoritarians of Russia and China. Neither President Biden nor former President Trump are leading their party to confront them,” Romney said.

Meanwhile, the leading GOP presidential candidate, former President Donald Trump, said in a Truth Social post that Romney’s announcement was “fantastic news for America” and that the senator “sometimes referred to as Pierre Delecto” would have been facing “a big primary fight.”

Romney is a twice-failed GOP presidential candidate and, as Jack Posobiec of Human Events noted, “while plenty of failed presidential candidates have left behind legacies worth celebrating, Romney would instead opt to once more follow in John McCain’s footsteps and sabotage his own party. Except unlike McCain, Romney couldn’t stay consistent. For example, he tried to become a figurehead for the #NeverTrump movement, but then fell on his metaphorical knees and begged for the job of Secretary of State when Trump unexpectedly won.”

Romney would then accept Trump’s endorsement for his Senate in Utah “only to become the first Senator to vote against a president of his own party in an impeachment trial after Trump was retroactively impeached over the January 6th protests,” Posobiec noted. “When Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post’s most hysterical #NeverTrumper called him ‘spineless,’ Romney testily replied to her under the laughable Twitter alias Pierre Delecto that she should ‘take a breath.’ That she knew it was him was due entirely to the fact that the only thing Pierre Delecto did on Twitter was tell various conservative media figures to stop being so mean to Mitt Romney. It was basically ‘Please Clap,’ the Twitter account.”

While taking a shot at Trump during his Wednesday announcement, Romney did say something about the D.C. Swamp that few can disagree with: “Frankly, it’s time for a new generation of leaders.”

Posobiec added: “Indeed it is … but as a member of that generation, you shouldn’t expect us to treat you kindly, no matter how many of our Twitter threads you reply to. Not only did your incompetence as a campaigner empower the ascendant authoritarian Left, but your constant backstabbing of your own party has aided and abetted their stranglehold on power. That it did not do more damage is not a testament to America’s resilience, but purely to your ineffectiveness.

“In short, this is the reason Mitt Romney is the most useless GOP politician: Even when it comes to betraying his own party, and arguably betraying America itself, he still can’t do anything right.”

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