Virginia’s health commissioner: Vaccine will be mandatory for every man, woman and child

by WorldTribune Staff, August 24, 2020

The health commissioner of Virginia told a Richmond news station that he will mandate coronavirus vaccinations for all of the state’s residents.

The virus “is killing people now, we don’t have a treatment for it and if we develop a vaccine that can prevent it from spreading in the community we will save hundreds and hundreds of lives,” Dr. Norman Oliver told WRIC 8News on Friday.

State law gives the Commissioner of Health the authority to mandate immediate immunizations during a public health crisis if a vaccine is available. Health officials say an immunization could be released as early as 2021. Under state law, only people with a medical exemption could refuse the mandate.

Oliver’s vow to mandate a vaccine prompted Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley to wonder: “Who died and made this dude king?

The health commissioner “is coming for your kids — coming for your family — and he’s got a bag of needles on his back that says, in no uncertain terms: Take zee shot, comrade. Or else,” Chumley wrote.

“Everybody and their sister knows by now the coronavirus numbers aren’t to be trusted,” Chumley added. “The hospitals have been incentivized to inflate coronavirus fatalities and case counts in order to receive money from the federal government, i.e., taxpayers; the test kits have been faulty; the media has been inaccurately reporting coronavirus “cases” as if they’re one and the same as coronavirus deaths — blatantly and irresponsibly disregarding the fact that the only numbers that matter are the recovery percentages, or fatality percentages, in context of the larger field of positives.”

A Gallup poll conducted earlier this month showed 1 in 3 Americans said they would not get the vaccine.

“Citizens have the right to set their own course of action when it comes to personal medical decisions,” Chumley noted. “Like getting a surgery, or not. Or exercising, or not. Or eating vegetables five times a day, or not.

“Or taking a COVID-19 vaccine.

“Or not.”

“These health bureaucrats are out of control. It’s time for Republicans in Congress to step in an quickly and legislatively remind: An individual has the right in this country to determine individual health choices,” Chumley concluded.

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