Virginia school district fires superintendent who covered up trans bathroom rape

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 9, 2022

Members of the Loudoun County School Board voted unanimously this week to fire Superintendent Scott Ziegler following the release of a Special Grand Jury report which said that Ziegler and other officials in the school district covered up the rape of a child in a school bathroom by a transgender student.

Scott Ziegler

According to the grand jury report, Ziegler and the district failed to protect the district’s students from a serial rapist after one female student was raped in a school bathroom by a “transgender” male in a skirt. Authorities were not alerted and the perpetrator was merely transferred to another school, where he went on to rape again.

In court proceedings related to the rapist’s trial, it was learned that he had also taken a third victim.

As usual, it was left to independent media to do much of the groundwork in uncovering the tragic events in Loudoun County.

National File, one of the first to report on the rapes and the coverup, noted “the uber-rich Northern Virginia school district has been a hot bed of child molestation and in-school substance abuse by teachers.”

“Ziegler and his board members, as well as school administrators, even had parents arrested to avoid telling the truth – that they had allowed children to be repeatedly raped in their public schools,” National File’s Frankie Stockes noted in a Dec. 8 report.

The Loudoun County School Board’s unanimous vote to fire Ziegler came after he was unanimously hired by the board last year.

Ziegler had been serving as the interim superintendent in Loudoun County “while he was running the cover-up efforts, and was openly aided by school board members and other district officials, who now appear to have turned on him, to save themselves,” Stockes wrote.

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