Vaccine beast vs informed consent: The threat America faces is spiritual, not physical

by WorldTribune Staff, August 5, 2021

The coronavirus is killing America not in the physical but in the spiritual sense, a columnist declared.

“The spirit of America is being blotted and bludgeoned by an angry pro-vaccine crowd that wants to strip away an entire chunk of freedom in one coronavirus-crying fell swoop: that of informed consent,” Cheryl K. Chumley wrote for The Washington Times on Aug. 5.

‘If an individual doesn’t have the right to decide whether or not to accept or refuse a medical treatment without punishment, then that individual is not free.’ / Becker1999 / Flickr CC

According to the latest CDC figures, 611,791 Americans have died with Covid.

“But in America, that’s out of a total 35.7 million cases. Reported cases,” Chumley pointed out.

“Cases reported to and by the CDC. And those fatalities also include deaths with coronavirus, not just deaths due entirely to coronavirus. And those figures neglect any contextual observances that show, for instance, it’s mostly the elderly and otherwise sickly who’ve died from the coronavirus or that specify, for example, that since people do indeed die every day, even in America, that the more important figure to focus on is excess deaths — a number that helps highlight fatalities that wouldn’t normally have occurred, except for this coronavirus.”

Chumley continued: “It goes to the truth factor, dontcha see. It helps separate the deceptions from the, dare say, science? And speaking of science: It seems by the CDC’s own numbers that if 1.74 percent of those who catch the coronavirus die from the coronavirus, then 98.26 percent don’t. With odds like that, no wonder there’s a reluctance to take the vaccine. No wonder some hesitate because of questions.”

Real data and actual science be damned as the “take the damn vaccine!” tyrants “continue their tirades; the political beasts keep up their attacks,” Chumley wrote.

“But if an individual doesn’t have the right to decide whether or not to accept or refuse a medical treatment without punishment, then that individual is not free. Simple as that.”

Chumley continued: “So look around. Smell the stink of oppression. What we have here in America is a White House, a batch of political leaders, a complicit group of private businesses and a loud-mouthed faction of know-it-all medical bureaucrats who think nothing of pushing the coronavirus as a condition of free travel, as a condition of freely attending school, as a condition of free and unfettered access to certain venues, as a condition of walking about without a stupid face mask, maybe even two — who think nothing of doing all that while at the same time insisting they’re not infringing upon the individual’s right to choose.”

That, Chumley noted, is “fascism at its worst — at its double-speaking, propaganda pressing worst.”

“It is evil. It is an evil thing for the powers-who-be — and the powers who are trying to be — in this country to shatter a time-honored facet of freedom that allows the individual the control of his or her personal health-related choices. It’s evil because it’s morally reprehensible; it’s evil because it’s the height of arrogance and pride; it’s evil because it flies in the face of common decency and courteous regard for human life, for individual boundaries, for personal privacies.”

But mostly, “it’s evil because it’s an attack on the nation’s spirit,” Chumley wrote.

“If the spirit of this nation is floated around the idea that individuals are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, and that government’s decidedly subservient role is to ensure those God-given liberties aren’t infringed — then the coronavirus is doing far more damage to the long-term sustainability of American Exceptionalism than anything else.

“If this coronavirus is ultimately empowered to sub out the ‘God-given’ for the ‘government granted,’ the end result will be communism and collectivism. It’s not just a vaccine mandate, folks. It’s not even simply a matter of informed consent. It’s the fate of the nation and the ability of the people to derive rights from God, not government, that’s at stake. And in America, that is everything. See the battle for what it is and fight accordingly.”

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