Unreported: Tens of thousands outraged by WHO post on ‘mild’ side effects from Covid vaccines

by WorldTribune Staff, January 6, 2022

The World Health Organization (WHO) in a Nov. 23, 2021 post to its Facebook page insisted that “most people have mild or no side effects following COVID-19 vaccination.”

The post received over 48,000 responses with many thousands relating their experiences of adverse effects to the vaccines that were far from “mild.” Big Media, not surprisingly, has ignored the story.

Among the responses:

• Long term heart damage, paralysis, blood clots and death are not mild. May God bring swift justice to the perpetrators of this evil.
• So, myocarditis is [a] mild symptom to you? Inflammation of heart muscle? Are you out of your minds?
• Mild side effect??? I have blood clots in my legs and lungs. And I hear it a lot from other people. No doctor recognized it on paper.
• My Dad died after the Pfizer vax. You can stuff it where the sun don’t shine!
• I hope the World Health Organization actually reads these comments and realizes that people look at them as idiots now. Never before has the deceit and agenda of these organizations been so transparent. So much manipulation. So many lies.

One respondent pointed out: “Isn’t it strange that the double and triple soon to be quadruple jabbed are the only ones getting tested and then testing positive, where the unjabbed who don’t get tested and remained unmasked for 2 years are fighting fit. You sure the jabs are working? Shouldn’t things be the other way around??”

One respondent said the WHO’s Facebook post should have read: “ ‘Most people have mild or no symptoms following COVID-19 infection.’ If it was accurate it would read, ‘we don’t have data to establish the long term safety of COVID-19 vaccination, nor do we properly monitor for side effects from COVID-19 vaccination.’ ”

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A respondent from Goa, India astutely summed it up:

“Humanity Is Waking Up. The comments are real proof of that. There are Millions of Us. Nobody is falling for your Lies and Manipulation anymore WHO, Gates, Fauci, etc. We know you are trying to keep us down in lower states such as Fear, Control, Shame, Guilt, and Division. But You have triggered Mass Awakening as people Unite, Love, and Support Each other. And Higher States bring Higher Frequency. We Win. Keep speaking your Truth Everyone.”

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