Unreported: President Trump’s triumph in the UK

by WorldTribune Staff, June 10, 2019

While the dignitaries he actually went to meet with in Great Britain had nothing but praise for U.S. President Donald Trump, the corporate media elites “tried to generate offense at every interaction” the president engaged in, the former executive assistant for President Ronald Reagan said in an op-ed.

Trump displayed “his sincere respect for the royal family without kowtowing to any of the regal pretensions,” Peggy Grande wrote for The Hill on June 5. “After all, let us not forget the United States was founded as a rejection of monarchy in general, and the British monarchy in particular.”

President Trump’s clinking of glasses with Queen Elizabeth II outraged the ‘liberal etiquette police.’ / Video screen grab

Radio host Rush Limbaugh noted that the “Drive-Bys” in the media had concluded that Trump’s visit to the UK was a failure before he even hopped on Air Force One for the trip across the pond.

“You know what his approval numbers are in the U.K.? I’m not gonna lie. Not gonna make it up. He’s in the twenties and thirties,” Limbaugh said. “You know why? The only cable news network they have over there is CNN. So CNN secures Trump a 20 — I mean, that’s all they know. That’s the only news they’ve got. Maybe the Daily Mail, they’ve got some local news over there. But the BBC may as well be CNN. And it just goes to demonstrate what happens when there is not an alternative media.”

Grande, who was Reagan’s executive assistant from 1989 to 1999, noted that when President Trump greeted the queen “he dispensed with the pomp and circumstance of bowing, opting instead for a friendly handshake, which is certainly an appropriate greeting for even the highest level meeting between American officials.”

“If there was criticism of President Trump on this visit, it certainly was not coming from Queen Elizabeth herself, whose undisguised enjoyment of President Trump was apparent as his folksy but still respectful approach aligned with American values while still showing deferential respect to the figurehead of our closest political ally,” wrote Grande, author of “The President Will See You Now: My Stories and Lessons from Ronald Reagan’s Final Years”.

During the state banquet that followed his tour of Buckingham Palace, Trump “annoyed some in the media by lightly touching Queen Elizabeth on her back as she rose to deliver a toast, prompting reporters to complain that he had violated royal protocol, even though her majesty did not seem the least bit perturbed by that gesture,” Grande wrote. “President Trump underscored that theme during the state banquet by clinking glasses with Queen Elizabeth after his own toast, outraging the liberal etiquette police but inspiring regular American people who practice that same cherished tradition during weddings, holiday meals, and other special occasions.”

Grande continued: “If we want to talk protocol missteps, how can we forget first lady Michelle Obama actually hugging Queen Elizabeth, or President Obama giving her majesty an iPod preloaded with some of his own speeches? I wonder how many times she has hit ‘play’ on that royal gift.”

Trump, Grande noted, “far more appropriately gave her majesty a silver and silk poppy brooch from Tiffany, thoughtfully selected by first lady Melania Trump, who is the epitome of style and grace. In her memoir, Michelle Obama responded to criticism of her gesture by writing that if she had not actually done the ‘proper thing’ at Buckingham Palace, then she had at least done the ‘human thing.’ ”

Grande wrote that “the same could be said of President Trump, whose gesture of cordiality was not an affront to Queen Elizabeth, but rather a reminder that the ‘special relationship’ between the United States and the United Kingdom is much more than just an ordinary alliance. It is personal, profound, and lasting. When it comes to diplomacy, great attention is often put on the specific minutiae of the actions themselves. However, of much greater importance is the intention behind those actions, with the priority placed on the relationship and not simply on getting the choreography right.”

Grande concluded: “It is important to show respect, be cordial, and appreciate the hospitality and friendship that is extended during a state visit, but there are many ways in which to do so in both British and American traditions. By this standard, seeing the genuine warmth between President Trump and Queen Elizabeth, the latest state visit was an overwhelming success.”

Limbaugh also pointed to the media’s obsession with Trump’s comments about Meghan Markle, which were widely taken out of context.

Trump “did not call Meghan Markle nasty. But how many of you think that he did?” Limbaugh asked.

“It’s all fake news. Trump did not call Meghan Markle nasty. If anything, she’s called him a reprobate and a misogynist and all kinds of — and promised to leave America if he got elected, and she followed through on it. She convinced one of those princes to marry her. Prince Harry. And so she left America. But Trump did not call her nasty.”

Limbaugh then played a montage of the “Drive-Bys purposely distorting Trump’s ‘nasty’ remark about Markle.”

John Berman: He called Meghan Markle “nasty” and then denied it even though there is actually sound of him saying it.

Alisyn Camerota: The president called Meghan Markle “nasty.”

Kendis Gibson: President Trump called the American princess “nasty.”

Margaret Brennan: …Meghan Markle, referring to her as “nasty.”

Terry Moran: “Nasty!” Trump denied that on Twitter. But, roll the tape…

Andrew Gillum: The president calling a woman “nasty” is not news now, uhhh, especially when it comes to women of color.

Limbaugh noted: “So now, all of a sudden, Trump is a racist in addition to a mean guy because he’s referred to a ‘woman of color,’ Meghan Markle, as ‘nasty.’ ”

Limbaugh continued: “Now, we have the tape. He did not call her ‘nasty.’ He used the word. He used the word, but he did not call her ‘nasty.’ Now, I’ve got the audio sound bite.”

The Sun posted an interview between correspondent Tom Newton Dunn and President Trump recorded in the Oval Office, and, Limbaugh said, “when you listen to this… This is so obvious, if you just take a moment to understand who Trump is. He is being asked about somebody and something that he doesn’t care about and doesn’t really know about. So he’s vamping and just speaking here about something that he’s really not clear about. You’ll hear this. It’s perfectly understandable. So here’s the question. ‘The duchess of Sussex…’ Already, Trump’s lost. I don’t know what the duchess of Sussex is. Do you?”

Dunn asked: “The duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, will not be attending the state visit, Mr. President, because she’s on maternity leave. Are you sorry you can’t see her? Because she wasn’t so nice about you during the campaign. I don’t know if you saw that.”

The president, Limbaugh noted, “doesn’t have the slightest idea. I’ll guarantee you. He doesn’t know that she’s pregnant, doesn’t know that she’s sick, doesn’t know that she’s not coming. He doesn’t know anything. He’s gotta answer the question, though. So listen to the answer. It’s Trump repeating himself two or three times. It’s what he does when he’s trying to fill time but doesn’t really know what he’s been asked about here.”

Trump: I didn’t know that, no.

Dunn: Yeah.

Trump: I didn’t know that. No, I hope she’s okay. I did not know that, no.

Dunn: She said she’d move to Canada if you got elected. Turned out, she moved to Britain.

Trump: Well, that’ll be good. A lot of people moving here. So, what can I say? No, I didn’t know that she was nasty.”

Dunn: Is it good having an American princess then, Mr. President?

Trump: I think it’s nice, and I’m sure she’ll do excellently. She’ll be… She’ll be very good. She’ll be very good. I hope she does.

Limbaugh noted that Trump “hasn’t the slightest idea what he’s being asked! He doesn’t care. What he says here when he says, ‘I didn’t know that she was nasty,’ is he didn’t know that she had ripped him! He didn’t know that she had been critical. He didn’t know that she claimed she was gonna move out of the country. He didn’t know — and to him, when you criticize him, you’re nasty.”

Limbaugh continued: “Even if they knew who Trump was — if they knew his thought and speech patterns, if they knew how he reacted — they would have still run this story this way. It doesn’t matter. This is why Trump is constantly pushing back against these people. You’ve gotta put yourself in his shoes. You’re lied about four times a day every day — 24/7, 365 — by the Drive-By Media, who are doing nothing more than trying to destroy your reputation, destroy your presidency. This is another classic example.

“So Meghan Markle, I guess one of her parents is black, makes her a person of color. So they lie about Trump calling her nasty, and then say that he’s insulting yet another person of color. There’s nothing that’s going to make them stop. You can appeal to them all day long to stop, they’re not gonna stop doing it. It’s all they know.”

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