Unreported: Biden executive order laid groundwork to surveil millions of Americans holding crypto assets

by WorldTribune Staff, August 29, 2022

On March 9 of this year, Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14067 which grants the U.S. government and its banking partners wide jurisdiction over the cryptocurrency assets held by some 40 million Americans, critics say.

The executive order, which received little attention from legacy media, calls for the federal government and the privately-owned Federal Reserve to develop a “digital assets policy plan.”

Section 4 of the so-called “Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets” order “lays the legal framework for the federal government surveillance of all U.S. citizens via their digital finances, giving the government access to the bank accounts and purchases of its citizens and even the ability to shut down the digital wallets of dissidents,” Frankie Stockes noted in an Aug. 26 analysis for National File.

Jim Rickards, a former adviser to the White House, Pentagon, Congress and the CIA, said in a video posted to Rumble (see below) that Executive Order 14067 signals that “the Dems aren’t coming for your guns … they’re thinking much bigger than that. They’re coming for your money.”

Richards adds that “few outside the deep state recognize Team Biden’s move for what it really is” a digitized American currency that “will allow for total control” of all citizens.

Team Biden’s bid to control cryptocurrencies became even more prominent on the radar of critics after the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” was passed and it was revealed the federal government would hire more than 80,000. In the federal job listings advertising open positions for new IRS agents, it is noted that applicants must be comfortable carrying a firearm.

Biden’s executive order calls for the development of a “United States Central Bank Digital Currency.”

“That will allow for unprecedented surveillance of the American people, and anyone they do business with,” Stockes noted.

Executive Order 14067 also falls in line, critics say, with the goal of globalists at the World Economic Forum “who seek to create worldwide digital currency capable of being tracked and turned on and off at will,” Stockes noted.

“For years, uni-party politicians and international bankers have fought to control cryptocurrency, which has gained popularity due to its decentralized design and separation from global governments, while becoming a more than multi-trillion dollar industry,” Stockes wrote.

More than 100 countries affiliated with the international banking system are currently exploring digital currencies of their own.

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