Uncle of Colorado justice who barred Trump teamed with Soros to send U.S. rare earth tech to China

Special to WorldTribune.com, December 20, 2023

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer  @Schaeff55

In a despicable attack on the representative government that Democrats so enjoy pretending to champion, the Colorado Supreme Court on Dec. 19 in a 4-3 decision ruled that former President Donald Trump is disqualified from the state’s 2024 electoral ballot due to the Constitution’s “insurrection” clause.

Among the four robe-clad usurpers of the popular vote is one Melissa Hart.

Hart is the granddaughter of fired Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox. Her mother Phyllis is the sister of Archibald Cox Jr.

Malicious betrayal of the American people runs in the family.

In the 1990s, Hart’s uncle Archibald Jr. joined notorious globalist nation-destroyer George Soros in a business deal that led to the 2004 move of a major U.S. manufacturing plant producing vitally important high-tech magnets made from rare earth minerals for the Pentagon to China.

The transfer was so outrageous that it became a go-to campaign staple for Hillary Clinton in attacking the George W. Bush administration when she ran for president in 2008.

McClatchy newspapers reported on May 1, 2008:

“In 1995, General Motors decided to sell Indiana-based Magnequench to a Chinese-American consortium.

The consortium included:

San Huan New Materials and Hi-Tech Co., a company owned by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Onfem Holdings, a company controlled by the State Nonferrous Metals Industry Administration in the People’s Republic of China.

Soros Fund Management, headed by George Soros.

The Sextant Group, founded by Archibald Cox Jr.

Here’s Hillary lashing out at Bush for not blocking the move:

“A Chinese company bought Magnequench,” she said in a speech in Pittsburgh on April 14. “The people of Indiana, the company and the elected officials begged the Bush administration to block the Chinese company from moving the jobs to China…. Not only did the jobs go to China, but so did the intellectual property and the technological know-how to make those magnets…. I’m not comfortable with the fact that we now have to buy magnets for our bombs from China.”

While a Clinton’s motives are never genuine, that last sentence certainly speaks the truth. Mining.com in 2019 related the enormous military value of these rare earth magnets and how deeply damaged U.S. national security was by the Soros-Cox stab in the back:

Without rare earths mined and processed in China, America would be unable to manufacture military hardware – rare earths are great multipliers they are used in making everything from computer monitors and permanent magnets to lasers, guidance control systems and jet engines.

There is no substitute and no other supply source is available other than China. Civilian uses of rare earths would also be put in jeopardy. This includes rare earth elements incorporated into electric vehicle motors, computer chips, fiber-optic cables, flat-screen televisions, wind power turbines and nuclear power, just to name a few uses.

An eye-opening 2006 expose by leftist online magazine CounterPunch adds devastating detail to Cox’s culpability:

In 1995, Magnequench was purchased from GM by Sextant Group, an investment company headed by Archibald Cox, Jr – the son of the Watergate prosecutor. After the takeover, Cox was named CEO. What few knew at the time was that Sextant was largely a front for two Chinese companies, San Huan New Material and the China National Non-Ferrous Metals Import and Export Corporation.

Both of these companies have close ties to the Chinese government. Indeed, the ties were so intimate that the heads of both companies were in-laws of the late Chinese premier Deng Xiaopeng.

New CEO Cox sang sweet nothings about his commitment to Indiana:

At the time of the takeover, Cox pledged to the workers that Magnequench was in it for the long haul, intending to invest money in the plants and committed to keeping the production line going for at least a decade.

The inevitable soon happened:

Three years later Cox shut down the Anderson plant and shipped its assembly line to China. Now Cox is presiding over the closure of Magnequench’s last factory in the US, the Valparaiso, Indiana plant that manufactures the magnets for the JDAM bomb. Most of the workers have already been fired.

“Archie Cox and his company are committing a criminal act,” says Mike O’Brien, an organizer with the UAW in Indiana. “He’s a traitor to his country.”

A 2019 American Conservative article adds to the damning indictment of a Watergate hero’s scion:

China recognized the value of these magnets early on. Chinese Premier Deng Xiaoping famously said in 1992 that “The Middle East has oil, China has rare earth,” to underscore the importance of a rare earth strategy he adopted for China. Part of that strategy was to take control of the industry by manipulating the motivations of Wall Street.

Two of Xiaoping’s sons-in-law approached investment banker Archibald Cox, Jr. in the mid-1990s to use his hedge fund as a front for their companies to buy the U.S. rare-earth magnet enterprise. They were successful, purchasing and then moving the factory, the Indiana jobs, the patents, and the expertise to China.

Cox was richly rewarded for his services:

This was not the only big move, as Cox later moved into a $12 million luxury New York residence.

The result is remarkably similar to Huawei: the United States has entirely divested of a technology and market it created and dominated just 30 years ago. China has a near-complete monopoly on rare earth elements, and the U.S. military, according to U.S. government studies, is now 100 percent reliant upon China for the resources to produce its advanced weapon systems.

What other word could possibly apply to Archibald Cox Jr.’s malevolent Soros-abetted financial assault on U.S. national security than treason? It’s a term that easily applies to the four politicized state Supreme Court justices who have violated the voting rights of all Americans in Colorado.

America is in deep, deep trouble. The corruption goes so much further than even the most cynical of patriotic citizens can imagine.

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