‘Uncharted territory’: Intel report reviews unraveling world order

by WorldTribune Staff, November 16, 2022

In its Nov. 15 issue, Geostrategy-Direct.com, the subscription intelligence briefing published in association with WorldTribune.com surveyed the geopolitical landscape and identified disturbing developments with one locus in common: The People’s Republic of China.

The editors called attention to the following themes as potentially disruptive to the global balance of power:

Weakness of U.S. posture highlighted in Xi-Biden summit:

Joe Biden, in his Monday meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Bali, Indonesia offered a floundering American response to China’s aggression against Taiwan, its development of North Korea into a Chinese nuclear proxy and the CCP’s unfolding program to achieve global military-political-economic hegemony.

China Commission: Diversion of arms to Ukraine has eroded Taiwan’s war readiness:

A congressional report stated that U.S. weapons purchased by or sought by Taiwan amid an increased threat of attack from China have been sent to Ukraine instead.

DNI report calls China the leader in growing, global ‘digital authoritarianism’:

A newly declassified U.S. intelligence report said China has deployed an army of cyber warriors to carry out influence operations worldwide that include the mass theft of data with the goal of global digital supremacy.

‘Uncharted territory’: Crypto-fueled cyberwarfare funding rapid missile development cites reports that North Korea has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency assets critical for funding a series of missile launches.

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