UNC prof nominates Christine Blasey Ford for distinguished alumna award

by WorldTribune Staff, October 11, 2018

A professor at the University of North Carolina has nominated Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to receive the university’s distinguished alumna award.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. / Getty Images

Jennifer Ho, a professor in UNC’s Department of English and Comparative Literature, said in a letter nominating Ford that “What Dr. Blasey Ford did on September 27, 2018 was something that was extraordinary in how ordinary it was: she told the truth about a sexual assault she experienced when she was fifteen years old at the hands of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. She made a statement and then answered questions for over three hours in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee with the cameras of the world trained on her.”

Ford earned an undergraduate degree in experimental psychology in 1988 from UNC Chapel Hill. CBS 17, the local affiliate, published Ho’s letter nominating Ford on Oct. 9.

In the letter, Ho also dismissed potential claims that her nomination of Ford was based on partisan politics.

“It is about recognizing that the simple act of speaking one’s truth, especially when that truth involves sexual assault, is an act of bravery. We live in a society that does not believe women,” the letter said. “The many indignities that women experience in their day-to-day lives is proof of this, as is the continued attacks on Dr. Blasey Ford after her testimony.”

“Oh puh-leeze,” responded Washington Times columnist Cheryl Chumley. “The sex of the accuser does not bestow automatic believability on the accuser. Just because Ford’s a woman doesn’t mean she’s believable, or to be believed. Truth is not a gender.”

“Moreover, Chumley continued, “accusing someone without evidence is not an act of bravery. It’s foolhardy, dangerous and — truthfully — despicable. And — truthfully again — slapping an award on Ford’s back doesn’t change the fact her unsupported accusations nearly damaged a man’s reputation, destroyed his career, tore apart his family, and furthered the anti-President Donald Trump agenda of a hot charged, vicious left.”

Ho’s letter concluded: “By awarding Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as a distinguished alumna, UNC Chapel Hill sends a message to her, to our students, faculty, and staff, and to the larger community of the U.S. and the world that we believe her – that UNC Chapel Hill believes survivors of sexual assault.”

Chumley’s column concluded: “Awarding her for destroying his due process while simultaneously damaging America’s cherished system of innocent until proven guilty is an abhorrent slap in the face to truth. What a bogus award — what a bogus nomination.”

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