Unabashed falsehoods: Nothing complicated about Democrat-media narrative

by WorldTribune Staff, September 29, 2019

According to Reuters/Ipsos polling, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the only candidate for the 2020 Democratic nomination to consistently increase her level of support over the past six months. The latest poll, conducted Sept. 23-24, shows 14 percent of Democrats and independents support Warren, nearly triple her level in April and enough for second place behind Joe Biden.

As the support for Warren rises, so does her alignment with the Democrat-media narrative bent on destroying President Donald Trump by any means, truth be damned, a columnist wrote.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren. / C-SPAN

Warren came forward with a statement about Trump’s whistleblower affair “that if nothing else, serves as a classic textbook example of How Liars Lie,” Cheryl K. Chumley wrote for The Washington Times on Sept. 26. “The unabashed ones, anyway.”

Warren tweeted: “Donald Trump believes he is above the law — and he will continue to commit crimes from the White House until we hold him accountable.”

Except, Chumley noted, “that Donald Trump hasn’t been found guilty of committing any crimes. Yes. There is that.”

But impeach away, Warren wrote: “The House needs to vote on articles of impeachment — and when it comes to the Senate, I will do what the Constitution requires.”

Chumley asked: What’s the crime? What’s the impeachable offense?

“Donald Trump solicited foreign interference in our elections from the Oval Office,” Warren tweeted. “He attempted to cover up his actions. And his appointees intervened, against the law, to attempt to suppress this whistleblower complaint.”

Except, Chumley noted, “that Donald Trump hasn’t been found guilty of any such thing. Small fact. Small item to note. Small, small facts that when omitted, lead to big, big lies.”

Warren, dubbed Pocahontas by Trump for her lies about her Cherokee ancestry, “might want to reel in the indicting, impeaching rhetoric a bit — at least until Trump’s found guilty of a crime. That’s kind of how it works in this country; the crime comes before the hanging,” Chumley wrote. “Unless you’re in the business of lying, that is.”

Meanwhile, Warren’s $3 trillion climate change plan calls for the elimination of all carbon emissions from vehicles, homes and facilities which produce electricity within the next 16 years.

During a campaign stop in Keene, New Hampshire on Sept. 25, the 2020 socialist Democratic presidential candidate said all Americans need to phase out structures that “have any carbon emissions” by 2028 and called for a halt in emission-producing vehicles by 2030.

“We need to say by 2028, we’re not going to do any more buildings and houses that have any carbon emissions,” Warren said. “By 2030, no more cars with carbon emissions, and by 2035 no more production of electricity that has carbon emissions.”

As Breitbart News’s Jerome Hudson detailed in his book 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know, carbon emissions from energy usage in U.S. are the lowest since 1992.

Additionally, the U.S. reduced its greenhouse gas output by 2.7 percent in 2017 – President Trump’s first year in office – according to a report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released last fall.

Warren has focused much of her campaign on targeting oil and gas companies and what she calls a rigged political system that favors the wealthy and well-connected. The Massachusetts Democrat said she will ban foreign lobbying.

“My plan categorically bans the practice of private lobbying for foreign governments, foreign individuals, and foreign companies,” she said. “No more K Street influence-peddlers looking out for the interests of China, Russia, or Saudi Arabia.”

Warren singled out fossil fuel companies that “spend freely on influence peddling” when she debuted an ethics policy intended to “end Washington corruption” on Sept. 16.

But, according to a report by the Washington Free Beacon, Warren “fumbled with an answer when asked about whether the policy would apply to her vice president — a hypothetical scenario alluding to Hunter Biden’s lucrative appointment to the board of a Ukrainian gas company while his father, Joe Biden, was vice president.

“No,” Warren said, before haltingly adding, “I don’t — I don’t know. I mean, I’d have to go back and look at the details on the plan.”

As the reporter followed up as to whether it would be a problem, Warren repeated she’d have to go back and look.

A Warren campaign spokesperson later said that on whether, under a Warren administration, her vice president’s child could serve on the board of a foreign company: “The [ethics] bill doesn’t prevent any children of a VP from serving on a company’s board.”

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