U.S. Navy disciplines nine over January capture of sailors by Iran

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Nine U.S. Navy officers and three enlisted sailors have been disciplined or face discipline in connection with an incident in January during which 10 U.S. sailors were briefly taken captive by Iranian forces in the Persian Gulf.

U.S. sailors captured by Iran are shown on Tehran's state-run television.
U.S. sailors captured by Iran are shown on Tehran’s state-run television.

A U.S. Navy report about the incident said the sailors who were detained at gunpoint by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps had revealed sensitive information to their captors.

The report released on June 30 lists a series of missteps, misjudgments, and other failures by the crew and their superiors.

“The investigation found a lack of leadership, a disregard for risk-management processes and proper mission-planning standards,” Vice Admiral Chris Aquilino told reporters.

Iran used the incident extensively for propaganda purposes.