U.S. doctor joins call to halt Pfizer, Moderna Covid injections

by WorldTribune Staff, April 17, 2023  Freedom Is Not Free

Dr. Joseph Fraiman, a doctor based in Louisiana who conducts research on Covid-19 and other health issues, has joined the call for the withdrawal of the mRNA Covid injections, citing new research that highlights a connection between the shots and adverse reactions.

Fraiman said the shots should be halted until new clinical trials prove the benefits outweigh the harms.

“I don’t see how anyone couldn’t be certain that the benefits are outweighing the harms on a population level, or even in the high-risk groups. I don’t see the evidence to support that claim,” Fraiman told The Epoch Times. “But I also can’t say that there’s evidence to support that it’s potentially more harmful, but there’s also uncertainty here. … Given that scenario, I believe that people should not be given the [vaccines] outside of a clinical trial, because we need to figure out … if their benefits outweigh harm or if harm outweighs benefits.”

“The only thing that can answer that question is going to be a randomized trial,” he added.

Fraiman led a study that reanalyzed the original Pfizer and Moderna trials. He and his colleagues concluded in a study published following peer review that those who received the jab were at higher risk of serious adverse events.

That’s one data point. Another is the identification of safety signals, or adverse events, that are potentially caused by the shots but require further study. The FDA revealed in December 2022 that the Pfizer shot was linked to blood clotting in elderly individuals. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which recommends the injections for virtually all Americans, found hundreds of other signals in its research, according to records obtained by The Epoch Times.

Serious problems including myocarditis, or heart inflammation, that can lead to death have been causally linked, or proven to be caused by the Covid shots, Fraiman said.

The Epoch Times noted: “While U.S. health officials have repeatedly downplayed the severity of myocarditis and a related condition, pericarditis, German researchers who dug into the deaths of 25 people who died suddenly at home after vaccination ruled out every potential cause except for vaccination for five of the people. They reported their results in a study that was published after peer review in late 2022.”

Fraiman aded: “Given alternative causes are unlikely to cause myocarditis within one week of vaccination, this is essentially conclusive evidence that we’re seeing sudden cardiac deaths from the vaccines.”

Fraiman also noted that excess mortality, or deaths from all causes, have risen during the pandemic — with spikes correlating with the introduction of the Covid shots.

When the jabs were first rolled out, Fraiman said he supported giving them to the elderly and others at high risk from the virus, or people of all ages with serious underlying health conditions. He says he also did not recommend against vaccination for any ages, though he told younger family members he was not sure if it was a good idea to get the shots.

When he and the other scientists discovered those who received the shots were at higher risk of serious problems, Fraiman shifted to a stance of the harms likely outweighing the benefits among healthy people.

With the new evidence of harm, along with Omicron being less dangerous and more likely to evade vaccine immunity, Fraiman questions whether the benefits outweigh the serious harms even among the elderly and otherwise infirm.

“I see the likelihood that the harm could outweigh the benefit in the group who stood to benefit the most from the vaccine,” he said.

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