U.S. and British special forces using Bollywood music to wear down ISIL

by WorldTribune Staff, June 2, 2016

Word has it that Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) doesn’t like Bollywood music – hates it, in fact.

After having been tipped off to that fact, American and British special forces in Libya have been blasting Bollywood tunes to get under the skin of the jihadists and help rally Libyan forces as they advance toward the ISIL stronghold at Sirte.

ISIL nightmare: 'Merchants of Bollywood'.
ISIL nightmare: ‘Merchants of Bollywood’.

According to a report by The Mirror, a Pakistani-born British army intelligence officer “informed troops that ISIL would consider Bollywood music ‘apostasy’, and insulting to their ultra-conservative interpretation of Islam.”

The psychological warfare appeared to pay off as Libyan government troops went on to successfully capture two coastal towns from ISIL on May 30.

In another operation, the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command and Libyan forces parked two cars on the outskirts of Sirte and, at dawn, blasted Bollywood music through two huge speakers in the vehicles, the Mirror reported.

In fighting on May 30, forces allied with Libya’s UN-backed unity government overran the towns of Ben Jawad and Nofiliya. Five people were killed and 18 wounded in the fighting, sector commander Col. Bashir Buthefira said.

“Our forces have taken control of Nofiliya and are now advancing towards Harawa’ about 75 kilometers (45 miles) east of Sirte,” Buthefira said on May 31.

The unity government has attempted to assert control over key state institutions, but faces a rival administration with its own army in the east led by Gen. Khalifa Haftar. Both sides are said to be pushing towards Sirte, prompting the UN’s special envoy on Libya to call on all armed groups to unite against ISIL.

“The fight against Daesh, which is the number one enemy, must be a Libyan fight and a united fight,” said Martin Kobler, adding the rival administrations should “unite their efforts” into a single army.