Twitter trolls, major media accuse Army/Navy students of flashing white power sign at football game

by WorldTribune Staff, December 15, 2019

During the pre-game of Saturday’s Army-Navy football matchup, some of the service academies’ students were seen making the OK hand symbol in a way that for decades has been associated with the “circle game.”

Leftists said circle game sign at Army-Navy game was actually ‘white power’ symbol. / Twitter

In the era of Trump, however, triggered leftists look for any way to attribute anything remotely associated to the president as a white supremacist conspiracy.

So, leftist trolls took to Twitter to say the students were making a “white power” sign at the Army-Navy game.

“You can even see the one midshipman trying desperately not to look so he doesn’t get punched in the shoulder, typical of the circle game,” RedState’s Nick Arama noted in a Dec. 15 op-ed.

“But people tried to make it go viral to identify the students and ruin them,” Arama added. “Then media picked it up and were off to the races.”

Mike Brehm of USA Today Sports and the Wall Street Journal’s Ben Kesling took the bait from the Twitter trolls and attempted to feed it to the mainstream.

Brehm wrote: “Questions erupted during the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia when students appeared to make the White Power hand symbol during a pregame broadcast.”

Kesling tweeted: “West Point and Annapolis investigate possible ‘white power’ hand sign”

The Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy noted of Brehm:

“USA Today is now accusing military students at the Army-Navy game of flashing a white power symbol — since it is upside down it looks more like the gotcha-made-you-look “circle game” than it does an OK sign (which some have tried to co-opt & troll into being a white power sign).”

Is this the ‘white power’ sign being given by prominent Democrats?

Dunleavy responded to Kinsley, tweeting:

“Ben why doesn’t your piece point out that they all made the hand gesture upside down such that it looks more akin to the made-you-look-gotcha “circle game” than it does an OK symbol? Why not at least accurately describe their actions at a bare minimum? This simply makes no sense.”

Arama noted how the Twitter trolls and the major media who were gullible enough to fall for it did a “Great job defaming students who’ve signed up to put their life on the line for Americans.”

There was plenty of pushback on the trolls and media hacks:

Some tweeted photos showing many top Democrat politicians using the sign.

Many observers noted that those who were triggered by the OK or circle game sign were likely further agitated by the rousing applause President Donald Trump received at the game.

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